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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Vegas, WSoP, WPBT, ACH and the Plaza

In less than 24 hours, I will be on a plane headed to Las Vegas. Holy shit!! I will be in Vegas tomorrow! This trip is going to be fun. Paul's covering the entire World Series, 9+ bloggers are playing in the $1500 NL event, the Aladdin WPBT event is happening, and I will be sharing a suite at the Plaza with Paul, Eva and AlCan'tHang. Wow!! This is going to be a really interesting trip. I hope I do make it back in one piece. It's going to be tough. Stay tuned . . .

Monday, May 30, 2005

Blue Parrot Send Off

The Blue Parrot was great the other night. We only played cash games though. There were no tourneys. The list of characters were long. Paul, F Train, Ferrari, Toby, Coach, Marie and Julie played.

F Train cleaned up and I pretty much broke even because of the last hand of the night. We played Anaconda hi/lo and everyone folded but F Train, Julie and myself by the 3rd card. I was originally pissed because I passed away a few cards that would've made me a boat. Boy was I glad by the time the 3rd card came out! Julie and F Train were obviously going for the high so I had the low locked. I was kind and didn't raise the whole way. I should've been a dick and reraised every round but I didn't. The pot was big enough. Either way, Julie lost her entire stack to me and F Train. Julie had Q's full to F Train's Quads. I had 7 high and scooped the lo. Ouch for Julie!

We played very few rounds of holdem. This one time, Ferrari tried to cold deck us. I sniffed it out right away. Before "the hand" occurred, Ferrari was in the bathroom for a really long time. I went to take a piss as soon as he got out (it was his turn to deal too). I noticed that the bathroom didn't smell for someone who was taking a shit. I immediately knew something was up.

I walked backed to the table and Ferrari had a weird smirk on his face. I announced to the table that it would be awesome to come back to the table and see AA. No one flinched. Paul said, "Have you ever come back from the bathroom in Vegas to see pocket A's?" I said no. I looked down and low and behold . . . there was AA. I looked at Coach and asked him if they cold decked it while I was taking a piss. He said no. As soon as the betting action began and the flop hit. More people started to recognize that something was up. Ferrari was the only one in on it.

Coach, Paul, Ferrari and myself were in the pot. The betting was capped out preflop and post flop. The flop was 2c-7c-7s. I knew the A's were getting cracked. The turn was the Ac. Even fishier! The river, of course, was the 5c. Paul had 27o, Ferrari had 3c-4c, Coach had KK and I had AA. Ferrari couldn't stop laughing. He thought it would be fun to have Paul flop a hammer boat during his send off. For the record, we all got our money back! Good luck in Vegas Paul!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Poker Rooms Busted

The two biggest card rooms in New York City were raided on Thursday night. How crazy is that! I'm glad I wasn't at one of those places when it happened. Paul has a good list of news articles on his blog. Check it out.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Vegas, WSoP and the Plaza

There's less than 5 days till I leave for Vegas. I can't wait! This trip is going to be quite interesting to say the least. Will I make it back in one piece? Will Bobby win his bracelet? Stay tuned . . .

Thursday, May 26, 2005

$10,000 and Mohegan Sun

My grandmother won $10,000 at Mohegan Sun today. She hit a big payout playing slots. Wow!!! She should enter the WSoP main event!! lol.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Pauly's Noble Poker Freeroll

I didn't take great notes for this thing since it was a freeroll. One of my friends from work played and was the 1st person KO'd. lol. Iggy took a big chunk of his stack right off the bat. Iggy had AK and took down his 44. The next day at work, my friend said he thought Iggy was bluffing. lol. He had no clue who Iggy was which was funny. He's never read a poker blog before!

I got KO'd after getting some pretty good hands. I had AQ 5 times. I got 88 4 times. I had AK twice but it was AA that killed me. One of the times I got AA, someone moved all in with the hammer and flopped trips. lol. I got AA the very NEXT hand and tripled up but that gave me T131. lol. Not too many chips to bet with. The next best hand that I saw after that was 33 in EP and I lost to 56o. Oh well. Congrats to Pii who took first place out of 153. Geat job.

I'm glad everyone had fun playing. The field was very thin the day before and almost everyone signed up hours before the start time. Either way, it worked out well. Thanks Paul!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Noble Poker Freeroll

Paul's hosting a Freeroll on Noble Poker today. Sign up now people!!

Tuesday, May 24th at 9pm EST
NL $200 Pauly Poker Freeroll
Noble Poker

Free Roll

I just got back from the Blue Parrot. I played cash games with Paul, F Train, Ferrari, Toby, Coach, Marie and Julie. I had a blast. Julie got busted!! F Train cleaned up and I pretty much broke even. More to follow later but Ferrari tried to cold deck us and I sniffed it out right away . . . right after I finished pissing. lol. I had a great time and Ferrari was gracious enough to host Paul's final cash game in NYC for a while. Thanks Ferrari!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Townehouse

I played at the Townehouse last night. Toni had a nice gathering. The poker/party started around 5pm Saturday night and ended around 5am Sunday morning. Wow!!! We survived a pissed off neighbor, a crock of chili and a drunk mime. There was about 15 people or so playing in cash games and tourneys. It was a 12 hour poker fest. I showed up a little late and missed the early tourney. Paul and F Train went heads up. I'm sure Paul will have a great writeup about everything.

The Townehouse party turned into a NYC blogger fest. Paul, myself, Ugarte, F Train, Joaquin, Jordan, and Mas were there. I got to meet Joaquin and Jordan for the first time. That was great! And yes, Joaquin DOES exist!! I can confirm this. It was a fun time. Paul and I toughed it out and stayed till 5am. Everyone else left throughout the night but not before I got to see Joaquin eat (at least) his 2nd bowl of chili!! Grubby would have been proud.

Toni's Chilli

Some notable hands of the night:

Stud Hi: I foolishly called Paul all the way down to 7th street with A high. He had two pair but it wasn't showing. His high card was a K. I thought my A was good. lol. Ftrain was shocked!

I won a big pot with AA-4. Two cards were suited but I hit a boat on the river with another A after my 4 was paired earlier. I took down another big pot from Andy. His favorite line when the bet was to him was, "Why not" and then he would call. lol.

Late in the night, my K's full beat out Kathy's Q's full. We kept raising and I won a big pot from her. She had to rebuy!

Omaha 8: Played 4 suited cards! I had A-2-3-K. I said fuck it and played them. I scooped the entire pot. Paul was laughing all night because I kept calling Omaha 8. It was a tough game to deal while wasted but the pots were big since everyone was an action junction. I won a bunch of hands but can't remember most of them. I forgot to bring a pen and pad. Though I do remember losing some hands earlier in the night to Ugarte, F Train and Mas.

Follow the Queen: I won a monster pot against Andy's quad K's. I had a straight flush with 2 queens. My down cards were 8Tc. lol. Later on, I lost a huge pot to Kathy and she put a huge dent in my stack.

3-5-7: Terrible game. I don't like it but I won a big pot on the final hand with 5 A's. 3 of my cards were wild sevens! Nice!

7/27: Kathy took another huge pot from me when we both went for the high. I had 27 1/2 and she had 26 1/2. Ouch. She had so many face cards up it wasn't funny. Damn this game!

NL Holdem: We stayed away from this game all night. We played mostly 3/6 Holdem instead. We played NL in our last session. Cliff called it. At 4:40am come Sunday morning, I had my AA cracked!!! I was dealt AA UTG. I limped since it was a 5 handed game. Toni checked in the BB. Everyone else folded. She flopped an open ended straight flush draw. I put her all in and she hit a 6 card straight instead and I doubled her up.

I had a blast! The Townehouse was great and I loved the terrace. It was pretty big. Thanks for having us Toni!! Next up on the Pauly "going away to Vegas tour" is . . . the Blue Parrot this Monday night! Also, don't forget about the freeroll this Tuesday.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Noble Freeroll

Paul's hosting a Freeroll on Noble Poker this Tuesday, so sign up now!!

Tuesday, May 24th at 9pm EST
NL $200 Pauly Poker Freeroll
Noble Poker

Free Roll

Monday, May 16, 2005

WPBT WSoP Satellite #4

Poker Stars
Sunday, May 15th

Congrats to JoeSpeaker for winning the 4th seat!! He's been really hot lately in WPBT play. Well done Joe. Great job!!!

I had a blast even though I blew a huge chip lead. I laid down a few bad beats early in the tourney. Sorry CJ!! In a very fitting matter, I lost a T10,000 pot to a bad beat on the river. It was all down hill from there. Oh well. That's poker. I'll post a longer write up of the tourney later. I got KO'd later on when we got down to 2 tables. I made a mini run late but eventually ran out of gas. I finished in 10th place. Congrats again to Bob, Russell, Wes, and Joe for winning seats! Good luck guys!!

By the way, this little poker blog quietly turned a year old last week. How about that!!!

Editor's Note:

68 people played in the tourney. I got lucky early when my 88 beat out CJ's 99. I raised preflop and CJ called. The flop came down 7-2-5. I bet the pot and CJ raised. Normally I would fold my 8's this early in the tourney but I called this time to see if I could hit my set on the turn. I was re-reading the NL section in Super System 1 at the time and Doyle was talking about trying to hit your set on the turn if you think you might be beat by an overpair on the flop. If you hit that set, you can cripple your opponent. CJ's raise wasn't that big relative to my stack since it was early in the tourney, so I called. Well, an 8 hit the turn and CJ called most of his chips away to me. Ouch CJ!!

I rivered a set of 5's against AQ a few hands later after a table switch. My opponent had TPTK and I tried to bully him the whole way since I was the big stack. I won and became the chip leader with T4,485 in Level 1. Nice.

Al tried to bluff me with the hammer and lost. I bluffed with the hammer twice and won! I was the chipleader for most of the tourney. I took a big pot from Royal and KO'd him when my QQ beat out his AK. I KO'd a bunch of people in this event. I stopped counting after 6. lol. I was doing really well until I lost to a river straight. That was the beginning of the end for me. I flopped a set of 9's and lost a T10K pot to 88's. CJ must have been shaking his head! I lost most of my chips when I called an all in bet with AK. I lost to 44. I went from T20,000 to T1,700 in 2 hands. Damn! I fought my way back to T6,000 but lost all of it when my A9s went up against JJ and AK. I finished in 10th and missed the final table.

Friday, May 13, 2005

WPBT WSoP Satellite #4

Poker Stars

Iggy's hosting a fourth and final tournament this Sunday for the $1500 NL event, which will take place on June 3rd at the Rio in Las Vegas. Here's your last shot at a seat. It's open to readers and bloggers.

No Limit Satellite for the $1500 WSoP Event
Sunday May 15th
9pm EST
$30 + $3
Password: tequila

If you don't plan on going to Vegas in June, then don't sign up for this satellite. We have three people going. Bob, Russell, and Wes. So sign up now!

The last time I played in a PokerStars event, I severely bad beated Sean. I felt really bad but it happens. After I did it, some clown/observer kept heckling me about the hand. He kept it up for awhile. Soon he found out I was Dr. Pauly's brother and he started to apologize and be nice to me. So why be a rude asshole and then change your attitude when you find out who I am. It's one thing to rib someone if you know them. I could deal with a few comments but not repeated comments when you're not even at the table. Too many people go over board with their smart comments. Treat everyone the same, don't be a jerkoff and show some class. Remember, this is supposed to be fun too. It's pretty easy to be a tough guy online. In person is another. Later on, I got seated at his table. lol. That was interesting to say the least. So let's have some fun and see who can win another seat. Good luck everyone!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

WPBT WSoP Satellite # 3

Congrats to Wes for winning the 3rd WSoP satellite event!! He came from behind to win the seat. He pulled it out against The Fat Guy. I was rooting hard for TFG. It was his birthday and he had a good shot to win. Otis made a great run at the end and made the final table after being shortstacked. It was great to see Otis play. Spaceman and Bad Blood played well too.

I finished in 53rd place. I won a few small hands early but made a bad mistake midway through the tourney when I bet out on the flop in early position. I lost half my stack when my opponent reraised all in. I folded. It was a bad move on my part. I never recovered. I got horrible cards after that and was the shortstack. I got 44 and moved all in but ran into GameCock's KK. Wow, we're sending 3 people to the WSoP event. Nice! Thanks again to Iggy for setting it up.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Noble Poker Freeroll

The Poker Prof had his freeroll Tuesday night. 193 players played. Some guy named Seduecer won. BigSlickNuts had a good showing and finished in 2nd. TripJax, Maudie and Badblood kicked some butt too.

I got KO'd early. I finished in 126th place. I clicked the all in button by mistake. I was looking at the lobby menu and was getting ready to click on a table to watch just when the action came to me. Instead of double clicking on one of the tables, all in was hit. I was horrified when I looked at my cards and saw 3To. Damn. At least it was a freeroll.

Big Slick Nuts made it to heads up play and was the last remaining blogger. Seduecer pulled it out in the end. Good job guys. Congrats to Seduecer for winning!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

1 Year Old

This little poker blog quietly turned a year old yesterday. How about that!!!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Lazy Sunday

7:00pm EST . . . Signed up for a MTT on Full Tilt Poker.
7:16pm EST . . . My phone rings.
7:20pm EST . . . Dial a shot with Iggy, Daddy and Paul. They were in the middle of a poker game in Cincy. Nice!! Very freakin' jealous. I wish I was there.

By the way, sign up for the Noble Poker tourney now!!

No Limit Satellite for the $1500 WSoP Event
Wednesday May 11th
9pm EST

Who wants to be the next Bobby Bracelet or Russell Fox?

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Las Vegas - Day 4 & 5

Las Vegas - Day 4
Monday, December 13, 2004
The Aladdin Tourney

I was well rested come Monday morning. I woke up with the NL tourney on my mind. BG came over to our room for some early morning partying. We eventually got hungry and went to the diner for some grub. I had some French Onion soup and Chicken fingers. I think BG was impressed with my choice for breakfast. He had a chicken fried steak which looked great. I forget what Paul had. Bob wasn't there. He didn't eat with us. He was downtown on Freemont Street playing blackjack. We were going to meet him later at the Aladdin. While we chowed down, BG couldn't resist playing keno! He lost of course but we were well fed.

After our meal, we took a cab to the casino. We walked around while waiting for the tourney to start. We saw Otis' brother and Martin leaving the poker room. They played in the early morning tourney. We soon met Edna. She's the poker room manager at the Aladdin. We chatted with her for awhile. She helped set up the next live blogger event for us with CJ. Edna talked about Doyle Brunson a little. She mentioned a few things about his private gambling room which was cool.

Grubby was supposed to meet us there but he hadn't showed up yet. -EV and his girlfriend were there and they were going to play too. I was pumped to play. We got a Howard Lederer DVD called Howard Lederer Tells All. The coolest thing about the DVD is seeing Linda from Poker Works in it! She's dealing in a few of the scenes. Nice. So there was about 60 players in the tourney. I got seated at my table and looked over to my left and saw Grubby sitting 2 seats away. Grubby made it at the last second and he was at my table! There was one rebuy allowed. Here's my recap of the tourney.

Early on in the tourney, I was dealt AKs in EP. I raised the pot. The guy on the button reraised me. He wasn't even paying attention to who raised when he bet. He thought the guy next to me in the BB (the shortstack) made the raise. He got a little nervous when he realized it was me who raised. He mentioned that he would've just called if he knew it wasn't the shortstack who bet. I couldn't believe he said that out loud. We had about the same stack size, only he had me slightly covered. I called and the flop came down 2-3-5. I bet and got raised again. I thought forever because I didn't want to get KO'd so early. I looked over at Grubby and realized I had too much money in the pot to fold. I obviously had an overcard and a decent draw. I moved all in. He got antsy and mentioned that he might've made a mistake and walked into a monster hand. That made me feel better and I thought he was going to fold. But he didn't. He called and flipped over JJ. So, it was AK vs JJ and I was in bad shape. I don't remember the turn but the river was a K. I got lucky and took the chip lead at my table. I was also one of the leaders overall. Boy, was lady luck on my shoulders. Whew. Grubby looked more relieved than I felt. lol.

Grubby KO'd that same guy on the very next hand. He was pissed and walked away dejected. Grubby and I ran over our table in the first few levels. In Level 3, -EV's girfriend got KO'd and finished in 44th place. In Level 4, BG became the first blogger to get KO'd. He finished in 20th place. His 88 lost to someone's AK. By this time, Grubby's and my table got split up. The funny thing was that I got put at the same table as Bob. -EV sat down shortly after I did. He was next blogger to go. He was in a preflop raising war with 2 other players. He had the Hilton Sisters. They lost to KJ. Ouch. In Level 6, Bob got KO'd.

While at Bob's table, I laid another bad beat on someone. This guy had the second biggest stack at the table. I had AJ on the button. I raised to all limps. Everyone folded but one guy. He reraised all in and I called. He had QQ. Damn. I thought I was toast. The flop was rags. The turn was a T and an A fell on the river. Wow! I sucked out on the river again to double up. Boy was I lucky in this tourney.

In Level 7, I got KO'd. I lost over T10,000 in chips in 2 hands. Ouch! I finished in 16th place out of about 60 people. I got AQs UTG and moved all in. This old guy in the BB called. He had KTo. The flop was J-Q-9. Fuck!! The turn was a 2 and the river was a Q (insult to injury). Damn!! I lost to a straight and was shortstacked. In the very next hand, I was dealt QQ. I pushed and the same old guy called. He had AA. I ran into a monster hand. What sucks is this guy got KO'd a few hands later. He wasted my chips. lol.

Paul did well but he got KO'd shortly after I did. He came in 11th place. Grubby was still alive though. He won the $50 blogger pool. He was at my table when I got KO'd. Grubby kept plugging away and made the final table.

BG and Bob had jumped on a limit table and were playing their last bit of poker before they left for the airport and ended their Vegas holiday. Paul and I sweated Grubby at the final table. We talked to Edna again. Grubby eventually busted out. Edna brought out some great cookies for everyone to eat. The top 8 players got paid and Grubby took home $186 for 6th place. Nice job Grubby!

We chatted with Edna some more. She hooked up Grubby with a buffet comp. The buffet at the Aladdin is regarded as one of the best on the strip. Nice, I was hungry!! We headed down stairs and Grubby picked up the tab for us. We pigged out. The Aladdin Buffet was awesome. Grubby threw down a lot of food. Man, that boy can eat! Paul and I hung out with Grubby for the rest of the day and night. We had alot of fun. Grubby is funny as shit!! We eventually made our way back to the Excalibur. We hung out in our room talking for a while.

Our trip was close to ending so we headed down to the poker room for a late night session. The three of us signed up to play. We all got seated at different tables. I got AA dealt to me early in the session. Guess what? My AA was cracked by a set of 2's (quack quack). Damn. At least I got a chance to spin the wheel to win some money back. I spun the wheel and won the same amount that I lost. Nice!! I love that wheel!!

Shortly after I spun the wheel, the Brawl occurred. Grubby and Paul were sitting at tables right next to each other. I was by the front of the poker room next to the rail. It was crazy. I heard some noise coming from Paul's table. I looked back and saw some guys fighting and rolling around on a poker table. I jumped up to see if it was Paul or Grubby. It was two retards and our heros were safe. Security showed up pretty fast. Some married guy was pissed off at some guy for talking shit to his wife. I overheard the husband lying to security. He said the redneck grabbed his wife and he had to defend her honor. What a retard!! Didn't he realize that the cameras would show that his wife wasn't grabbed. Plus, the dealer and witnesses had a different story. Wow, I still can't believe the fight happened at Paul's table while he was in the hand with the redneck who got beat up. Paul had the nuts too!! lol. What a wild day!!

Grubby and I moved over to the brawl table. We played for a while and Otis joined us. Some old lady hit a straight flush and didn't even tip the dealer. There was a hooker at the table and Paul sat next to her all night. She was a horrible player. She just threw away her john's money and kept going back for more. Paul took most of it too!! I couldn't believe the bad streak I was on during this trip. The Excalibur poker room killed me. I even lost my buy in at the brawl table. I couldn't believe it. I ran into a string of vicious bad beats. Damn. It was the worst live session that I've ever had. I was pissed. Oh well. It was time for a Krispy Kreme run. Paul, Grubby and I went back upstairs to hang out. Grubby and Paul both passed out. Grubby eventually left around 4am and drove off in his car. Our last night in Vegas was a blast. It was just like all the others. Very memorable.

Las Vegas - Day 5

Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Last Day

Day 5 was despressing. We had a great trip and day 4 rocked but it was time to leave Vegas. Paul and I woke up and ate at the diner for our last meal. I had a Blackened Chicken sandwich with fries. It was great! I wanted a full stomach for the plane ride home. We walked around for awhile before we headed to the airport. I'm looking forward to the next blogger trip to Vegas in June. More people will be there which is great.

My biggest regret for the December trip was that I didn't get to spend enough quality time with every blogger. Paul and I had fun hanging out with Grubby at the Aladdin and Excalibur. We got to talk about alot of random stuff. I wish I could have spent an entire day with everyone and played at the same table as them. There's always next time! I also wish I had more time to spend at Sam's Town. I would have loved to have played a few hours of poker there after the blogger tourney but I was hungry and tired. I didn't do much gambling my last day though the slots at the airport were slightly tempting for the first time. lol. Next up is the June WPBT event.

Friday, May 06, 2005

WPBT Event: Noble Poker

Iggy set up another WPBT WSoP satellite but this one's on Noble Poker. It's the third satellite for the WSoP $1500 Event at the Rio in June. One slight difference though . . . this is a WPBT sanctioned event so it's open to readers and bloggers but you must plan to go to Vegas with the winnings.

No Limit Satellite for the $1500 WSoP Event
Wednesday May 11th
9pm EST
Noble Poker
Buy in: $30 + $3
Password: dahammer

Participants are eligible for points towards the WPBT Leaderboard. We already have two qualifiers for the $1500 NL event. Bobby Bracelet and Russell are going so far. Good luck everyone!

Poker Prof's Freeroll

The Poker Prof is hosting a $200 freeroll on Noble Poker next Tuesday, May 10th at 9pm EST. It's free to enter. Stop by his blog for more details.

Paul mentioned that he might host a freeroll on Noble Poker this month too. It should be fun.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Upon further review . . .

I really blew the tourney last night. I should've won. lol. I know what I did wrong. I didn't use my big stack properly (micropenis here) and I got too tight late in the event. I lost my aggression and wussed out. Damn.

I got some good advice from my brother, Dr. Pauly today.

He said, "Not to be an asshole, but you blew it last night. Herm Edwards wouldn't be too proud. You're supposed to play to win the game, but you played for 2nd place." lol. Unfortunately, he was right. Damn.

Though, it was worse than that. I finished in 7th place, not 2nd. Plus, if this was a WPT event, I wouldn't have even made the TV final table. Things get even worse believe it or not. I could've been Shana Hiatt's bubble boy . . . but I wasn't!! There was no bubble boy, you suck exit interview. After I got KO'd, it was just me and a bad rerun of Degrassi High. Damn. Next time!

Congrats again to Russell!!!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

WPBT WSoP Event - Satellite # 2

May 1st, 2005

63 bloggers played tonight. I finished in 7th place. PokerPundit KO'd me. I was the shortstack and moved all in with AJo and lost to his A7o. He hit trips and I was done. I got pretty damn close but didn't make it in the end. Congrats to ABVidale for winning the seat! Both he and Bob will be going to the $1500 NL WSoP event on June 3rd. Good luck guys! Thanks to Iggy and Otis for setting this thing up again. I had a blast.

I was seated at the same table as CJ, Bob, F Train and TripJax.

Level 1: Bob won a big hand with AA. FEAR Bobby Bracelet!! I pretty much folded everything in this round.

Level 2: I got KK and raised. Easycure reraised me and I moved all in. He called with AT and I doubled up. A King even hit the flop for me. I had T2735 and moved into 3rd place.

Level 3: F Train pushed me out of a big pot preflop. I folded TT, 77, and 77 when I missed the flops. My QQ lost to A3o and I was down to T1865. I got AA and raised. Bob came over the top of me with QQ. I moved all in and Bob called. I severely shortstacked Bob in this hand. I was back up to T3730 and 4th place.

Level 4: I should've been KO'd in this level. I bad beated Sean. He flopped a set of 2's. I flopped top pair with my AJo. I foolishly called his all in reraise on the flop. The board was 2-T-A at the time. I runner runnered a straight on him when a K and Q hit. Sean was pretty shortstacked after I sucked out on him. Sorry Sean. Bob got KO'd in this hand. Sorry Bob. I had T7940 and was the chip leader. The break hit and I was in 2nd place. ABVidale was in 1st.

Level 5: I won a big hand with AK and had T9529. I folded everything else.

Level 6: Paul was moved to my table. He got KO'd shortly after he took a pretty bad beat. His KK lost to FTrain's QTo. F Train hit a boat and Paul was shortstacked. Paul also lost a big pot when his QJs ran into AA. I folded KJo and would've won the pot. Oh well. Paul finished in 23rd. Damn.

Level 7: It was down to 2 tables now. I had T8879. I limped folded a lot of hands in this level and fell down to T6779. I won a big hand with KQs and bumped my stack back up to T9279.

Level 8: KK won a nice sized pot for me and I was in 2nd place. The break hit.

Level 9: T11,250 - I limped folded a few times in this level. I got KK once again and won a nice pot. The final table started and I was in 7th place. I laid down a big hand against ABVidale. He moved all in with QQ and I folded JJ. Whew!

There was 8 people left and I was the shortstack. I moved all in AJo and lost to PokerPundit's A7o when he hit trip 7's. I got KO'd and finished in 7th place. Damn! Oh well. I had fun. I also got lucky as hell.

Congrats to ABVidale
for winning the tournament! Well done. He beat Poker Pundit heads up. Nice job guys. On_thg finished in 3rd place. He had a nice showing yet again. Congrats guys!

Good luck to Bob and ABVidale! We'll be rooting you guys on in the event.

Thanks Iggy and Otis!