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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

Joanne won the 4th Dr. Pauly Event. Congrats Joanne! Bobby and On_thg are tied for the overall lead. They’re going to have a heads up battle for first on Monday! Good luck and congrats guys!

I played like a donkey all tourney. I should’ve gotten KO’d earlier than I did. Like a retard, I had K-K and pushed with an Ace on the flop. Ugly move. I was up against A-J.

I was super lucky when I caught runner runner for the wheel. I played the board and chopped the pot. Sorry Willy! I was eventually KO’d by Terry. I ran into his A-A when I was button raising. Ouch! As always, this tourney was a blast!

Go check out Dr. Pauly’s poker blog for more details. By the way, CJ won the coveted phone call from Daddy! We’re all very jealous!

Click to enlarge . . . Steve's Quads are gooot!

Congrats again to Joanne, Bobby, and Mike!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Blue Parrot, Public Urination & Spaceman

So I just got back from the Blue Parrot. We played mixed cash games all night there with Ferrari, Pauly, Spaceman, Joaquin, Ugarte and F Train. A few other people (non-bloggers) were there. I'm sure Pauly will have more specifics on the night.

Spaceman came up from Tennesse so we decided to get a Blue Parrot game going. Ferrari was kind enough to host it. We met up with Spaceman in front of Macy's on 34th Street. We grabbed some burgers from a diner in midtown and then walked around before it was time to gamble.

Spaceman hinted that he wanted to make sure he got the Bobby Bracelet treatment. He wanted to piss in a stairway somewhere in NYC. He didn't care where. I joked that we could always do it in Joaquin's apartment building. Either way, Spaceman was game for some gambling AND public urination. Unfortuantely, we didn't get the chance to piss in a stairwell today but we did get to gamble!

Spaceman named his rooster after Joaquin!

Luckily for me, I did get the chance to take a piss in public! I had to go really bad as soon as we left the Blue Parrot. It was raining tonight plus it was cold out. I knew I wasn't going to make it home without an accident (hehe) so I decided to drop my pants and take a leak in the middle of the sidewalk on 34th Street. Sorry Spaceman! You missed out! Tomorrow we can give it another try!

I broke even for the night. I was down to the felt at one point until I went on a rush. I went from having a $20 stack to almost $200 in 2 hands. My biggest pot of the night was set over set. Ferarri and I both flopped a set in a 3 way pot that was capped out in every betting round. I won a monster pot! I eventually lost most of it back in a $1-$5 spread Stud hand. My full house lost to Mike's Royal Flush. Ouch! At least I walked away even for the night! Tomorrow is get wasted day with Spaceman, Joaquin and Dr. Pauly! Look out NYC!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

WPBT Shootout # 3

Congrats to Royal and Factgirl for winning the shooutout today on Full Tilt Poker. They won the last 2 seats. Good job guys! They join Spaceman, Bdidde, CJ, and Kevin for the live event in Las Vegas next month.

Also, Congrats to CJ for winning Dr. Pauly's Saturday tourney. Good job CJ!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

WPBT Shootout # 2

Spaceman and Bdidde won the shooutout today on Full Tilt Poker. Congrats to the both of them! Jason, Biggest Ron, CJ, and Kevin have locked up 4 of the seats to the live shootout in Las Vegas next month. Who's next?

Alan, Chad, Ephro, Team Scott Smith, CJ and Daddy all made the final table today. Good job guys! In total 33 bloggers played in this tourney and I finished in 24th place. I was crippled early on in the tourney when my K-K was cracked by J-9. Ouch!

Congrats again to Spaceman and Ron!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Balco Barry Wins!

Congrats to THG for winning Dr. Pauly's 2nd event on Pokerstars. He beat out the Big Pirate in heads up play. Congrats Mike!!

Joe Speaker kicked ass too and finished in 3rd place. Columbo and Chad also made the final table. Good job guys! Check out Paul's site for more details.

Aaaarrggghhhh . . . . Quads!

By the way, Bill's WPBT shootout satellite is tomorrow. Sign up now!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

Don't forget to register for the Dr. Pauly tournament this weekend!

Saturdays with Dr. Pauly
Poker Stars
$10 + 1 NL
Saturday, November 12th
1pm EST
Password = hiltons
Tournament #14328904 (look under the private tournament tab)

Congrats to Wil, Chad and Skitch for making the final table last night in Wil's Thursday tourney. Maudie and Joanne kicked ass and did very well too. Wil has another event scheduled for tonight.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Cooler

I was involved in a pretty wild poker hand a few nights ago. It happened in a NL tournament that I was playing in with Paul and Grubby. The field was pretty large too. It was a 3,500 person MTT. Yeah . . . it was a pretty fucking large ass tourney!

I quadrupled up in a pretty sick hand. I was dealt 6s-8s in the BB. Ks-Kd came in for a minimum raise in EP. 5c-5d and Qh-Ah both called.

I thought the amount of the EP preflop raise was a little weird so I put the guy on a monster hand. I said fuck it and called. I decided to defend my blind especially since there was 3 other people in the pot and it didn't cost me too much more to play.

The flop came down: 4h-5h-7s. Wow! I flopped a straight. The guy who had Qh-Ah was in the SB and bet his nut flush draw. I decided to min-raise figuring the guy with K-K was going to re-raise. Now I obviously didn't realize that the 3rd player had a set. Boy was this pot really nice for me.

The guy with K-K re-raised like I thought he would but then the set of 5's re-raised again. I'm sure you get the picture as to what happened next. All 4 of us were all-in on the flop. The turn and river cards were an Ac and 3s respectively. I took down a monster pot and made a nice run until I got knocked out in 243rd place. This was a crazy hand!

Moral of the story
: Don't raise my big blind!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Keystone Cops

DISCLAIMER: There is no poker content in this post. Carry on . . . .

Ugghhh. Not to be confused with Aaarrrrrrrggh. I am such a fucking retard. Last week I almost broke my arm. I have a cast on and my left arm is in a sling. I've been trying to blog on Card Squad using the one hand and one finger method. The only good news is that I have painkillers to enjoy!

Only a few people know the story. My doctor told me that I need to work on "my story" since the truth of how I got hurt is pretty lame. It's so lame that Boy Genius game me a cyber chuckle on IM when I told him what happened.

I told Daddy about my mishap. He immediately wanted to know if I went a little too overboard practicing for the 2006 Speed Wanking Tournament. Boy was he disappointed!

Unfortunately, my dumb ass fell down. To make matters worse, I wasn't even drunk! I was totally sober (well kind of . . hehe). I was walking down the street in the Bronx when I did my best Keystone cops impression.

I had just bought a donut (hmmmmmmm donuts) and starting walking back to my apartment. While walking away from the donut store, I was also folding up a newspaper to put in my book bag. I quickly realized that I can not chew gum and walk at the same time. I was less than 10 feet out the store when I fell into a cellar trap door in the sidewalk. D'oh!

The crazy thing is that the cellar door was closed when I started to step toward it. Unfortunately, someone decided to open the trap door at the exact moment I stepped forward. My fat ass fell and I fucked up my elbow really bad.

When I got home, my arm really started to hurt. It swelled up pretty fast and I had no mobility. I spent most of the day in the emergency room being laughed at by everyone. Gunshot wounds and "real injuries" were being treated over an idiot that breaks his elbow falling down!

The strangest thing that happened that day was not me falling down a trap door but something that occurred at the hospital. After waiting several hours, I was finally called in to be treated. As I walked towards the attending nurse, a policeman was standing near the entrance. On his radio I heard the following message . . . "All untis, please respond. We have a woman fleeing the hospital with a baby that's not hers!"

Wow! Holy Shit! This is unbelievable! This is too funny! Those were the thoughts that immediately ran through my mind. Then the cop looked over at the person he was talking to and goes, "Not again!"

Sunday, November 06, 2005

WPBT Shootout # 1 on Full Tilt Poker

CJ and -EV both qualified for the next shootout level. Congrats to the both of them! They finished first and second respectively in today's tournament.

The Saturday with Dr. Pauly tournament and Bill's WPBT Shootout might have been the most fun I've had playing in an online tournament in a while. Thanks to both guys for setting this up. I bubbled out of the final table in 10th place. Bill knocked me out too!

WPBT Shootout # 1

Royal played great at the final table. He was one of the short stacks when it began but battled back and finished in 3rd place. A job well done.

Congrats again to CJ and Kevin! Don't forget to sign up for the tourneys next week. Wil, Dr. Pauly, and Bill are doing it all over again. I can't wait!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Sir F Wins 1st Saturday with Dr. Pauly!

Sir F won Dr. Pauly's tournament on Pokerstars today. Congrats to Sir F! He beat out Gary634 in heads up play. Great job guys!

Bobby Huge Junk did well and finished in 3rd. 98 players signed up for this event. The top 9 paid. Paul finished in 26th place and I was KO'd in 53rd. Ouch! Jen Leo did great too. She finished in 10th place on the bubble.

Great job everyone! Thanks to Paul and Pokerstars for setting this tourney up. There's two more left!!!

Shitload of poker bloggers in the top 20!

And before I forget . . . Happy Birthday to CJ and his brother Lefty! CJ did very well in the tourney and finished in 5th. Tomorrow is the WPBT shootout that Bill Rini set up. Don't miss out. Sign up now!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Geek and Proud Wins!

Alan from Geek and Proud won the WWdN tourney. He beat out Iggy in heads up play. The final table was pretty crazy. I had a blast watching it. That's two weeks in a row that two poker bloggers battled it out in heads up play!

Paul made it to the final table and finished in 6th place. 127 people played in this event. I finished in 48th place. My shortstacked all-in bet with 7-7 ran into 8-8 and Q-Q. Ouch!

Sir F made a rare appearance and did pretty well until Iggy bad beated him. Unfortunately, Sir F was the bubble boy. Good job everyone! Thanks Wil! Congrats to Alan!

Alan beats out Iggy!

Next up is Saturdays with Dr. Pauly and the WPBT shootout that Bill Rini set up. Don't miss out. Sign up now!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Blogger Tourneys

There are 3 blogger tourneys this weekend. Wil, Paul, and Bill are each hosting one. 3 tourneys in 3 consecutive days. Pretty cool, huh? See below for more details.

WWdN: Donegal Invitiational on Poker Stars
Friday 11.4.05 @ 7pm EST
$10 + 1 NL
Password is monkey

Saturdays with Dr. Pauly on Poker Stars
Saturday 11.5.05 @ 1pm EST
$10 + 1 NL
Password is hiltons
Tournament #14338880 (check under Private Tournament Tab)

WPBT Shootout on Full Tilt
Sunday 11.6.05 @ 3pm EST
$10 + 1 NL
Email Bill for the password