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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Online Poker

I've been playing online alot. I started out on the really low limit games so I could get used to playing on this platform. I'm more used to playing live and in person at the casinos. I signed up in May. I haven't blogged my experiences for good reasons. I took a severe beating on $0.50/$1 in the first few weeks. My advice to anyone who thinks they are somewhat good . . . DO NOT PLAY at this level. I could tell you about all the bad beats but I won't. They are rampant at this level. The button means nothing and AA, KK, AK are useless. Everyone calls down to the river. Stay away from this online game. I learned the hard way. If I had the bankroll, I'd play at a much higher limit in these structured online games. So I've been working more on my No-Limit game since they have a $25 max buy in. It's more affordable for me in the short run than a $3/$6 or $5/$10 game since I am poor. I've done much better at this level. The time spent playing at this level along with reading as much as I can about poker has helped me with my No Limit betting which is very important. How you bet makes all the difference. I've picked up on that quickly but I still know I have a lot to learn. My credit card and wallet are much happier that I've left the ranks of the $0.50/$1 scum. I'm not ashamed by the fact that I ran away from those swine with my tail between my legs. I've had my fill of runner runner flushes and 2-7 offsuit beating my AK in that low limit torture chamber. I've embraced No Limit and I've had some success but I've noticed that the suck outs still happen but they are much easier to avoid from happening if you bet right and use your position to your advantage. The last few months have taught me something . . . never turn your back on a $0.50/$1 player. They'll shake you down for all you have. Those scum can keep my $0.50 cent bets. More to follow . . . .

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Corkin Clan

Hoyt Corkins at Foxwoods

While in Vegas during the WPT Championships at the Bellagio I had the oppotunity to meet some of Hoyt Corkins relatives. It was pure chance. It was shortly after my Scotty Nguyen meeting. I was standing by the poker room alternating between watching the Scotty Nguyen / Hoyt Corkin table and the Doyle Brunson / Sam Grizzle table. I was standing next to this older man. He must have been at least 70 yrs. old. His son and daughter in law kept wandering around and coming back to him every once in a while talking poker. I struck up a conversation with them. They were nice. A little later, I noticed Hoyt Corkin (Foxwoods WPT champ) waving at the people I was talking to. I asked the old guy if he knew Hoyt. His face lit up. He was shocked and excited that I knew who his nephew was. He formally introduced me to his family. He asked how I knew Hoyt. I recognized him from the Travel channel. He won at Foxwoods and threw a beating Phil Hellmuth's way. I told the clan that anyone who makes Phil bitch and moan like a whiny little girl is cool by me. They laughed and said they've met Phil and thought he was an ass. He wasn't friendly to them even though they were related to Hoyt. Maybe Phil was still pissed off by that runner runner Hoyt pulled on him at Foxwoods earlier in the WPT season. I told them how Phil blew me and my brother off last fall. It was about 10 feet from where we were currently standing. They laughed and the old guy said that Hoyt liked sucking out on girls like Phil. The old guy asked how long I was in town for. They were going to dinner with Hoyt later. I was leaving that night and I still wanted to hit the tables. Maybe next time. I wonder if they ate at the Bellagio buffet??