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Sunday, September 07, 2008


This is straight from Pauly's twitter. It pretty much sums up my recent trip to the Borgata.

derek is hammered. he tried to go shot for shot w. alcanthang over 4 hours. al looks normal. derek? shitfaced! wow.... derek was right. eskimo clark in the house. confirmed eskimo sighting at the borgata. save the eskimo. save the world.
crushing the borgata buffet w. derek & the rooster.

* * * * *

Besides Pauly, I got to hang out with Friedman alot.

I spent a few hours with AlCan'tHang, The Rooster and Riggstad too.

The Rooster and I saw a smokin' hot chick crush the craps table. She had next to nothing on and it was only 11am. Working or not working?

Late one night, Pauly and I got a drunken phone call from Daddy. He was on speaker phone and it was hilarious.

Surprisingly, I also got a drunken phone call from Deng Dong.

Then I met Lacey Jones. We touched twice. Nuff said.

Photo courtesy of Flipchip