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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Noble Poker Freeroll

The Poker Prof had his freeroll Tuesday night. 193 players played. Some guy named Seduecer won. BigSlickNuts had a good showing and finished in 2nd. TripJax, Maudie and Badblood kicked some butt too.

I got KO'd early. I finished in 126th place. I clicked the all in button by mistake. I was looking at the lobby menu and was getting ready to click on a table to watch just when the action came to me. Instead of double clicking on one of the tables, all in was hit. I was horrified when I looked at my cards and saw 3To. Damn. At least it was a freeroll.

Big Slick Nuts made it to heads up play and was the last remaining blogger. Seduecer pulled it out in the end. Good job guys. Congrats to Seduecer for winning!


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