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Sunday, August 28, 2005


It’s been a week since Bradoween ended and I’m still recovering for crying out loud. There were so many great moments that weekend that I’ll never forget. I had a really great time. Otis and his wife threw an awesome party. Badblood and his wife were great hosts. The entire G-Vegas crew was unbelievable. Some of the more memorable moments at Bradoween have already been told but here are some of my favorite ones.

-Watching Team Scott Smith climb several trees late night. He didn’t fall once.

-Watching Otis take $5 from Paul to eat a half used cup of ranch dressing. At this exact moment, Iggy couldn’t get anyone at his table to eat a different used cup of ranch for $100. Huh?

-Watching Maudie take a steel chair shot across the head from Badblood.

-Watching Lefty take down an eating contest for TEAM GOOD!

-Sweating like a fat kid from the South.

Me sweating during the Flip Cup event

(click to enlarge)

-The Bait Shack.

-Watching Boy Genius drink water out of a tin bucket for $25.


-Hooters girls.

-Southern Comfort

-Uncle Ted

-Wet T-shirt contest.

-Moral clauses.

-Puking on the lawn several times and getting a high five from Mrs. Otis.

Mrs. Otis says, "You deserve a prize for puking on my lawn!"

-The Al Can’t Hang Experience.

-The Drunk Olympics.

-Rubbing my testicles and picking my nose before I attempted to arm wrestle Badblood.

-Did I mention, naked breasts?

-Watching Paul take down the Bradoween poker tourney.


-Standing next to Tom late night when Otis almost fell down. One of the tables happened to break Otis’ fall and he just kept walking as if nothing happened. If Paul was with us at that moment, he would've said: Otis 1, Driveway 0.

-Did I mention, drinking?

-When asking Big Mike and Al if I could bum a smoke, they gave me an option. They offered “Prison” or “Non-prison” cigarettes. I chose the “Prison” cigarettes. It was late night at Bradoween and I was in the South! ARRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!

-Did I mention, high school girls?

-Tripping over two passed out guys near Otis’ front lawn. One guy was sleeping on Otis’ front steps and the other guy was lying in the gutter. Thankfully, Al and I moved the guy from the front steps before lil’ Otis saw him.

-Getting a chance to see Shep all pimped out late night.

-Smoking a million cigarettes on Badblood’s porch.

-Drinking Eva's Long Island Ice Teas.

-Taking a ride in Pablo's car to look for more high school girls. Remember folks, we were in the South so this type of behavior is ok! ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!

-Daddy likes 'em stout!

-And finally . . . Bonus Code Iggy.

In closing, Bradoween=FUN, Drunk Olympics is rigged and I have two large words for you . . . BOATHOUSE BASH!!!


At 8/29/2005 12:10 PM, Blogger April said...

Was great seeing you Derek!


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