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Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Townehouse

I played at the Townehouse last night. Toni had a nice gathering. The poker/party started around 5pm Saturday night and ended around 5am Sunday morning. Wow!!! We survived a pissed off neighbor, a crock of chili and a drunk mime. There was about 15 people or so playing in cash games and tourneys. It was a 12 hour poker fest. I showed up a little late and missed the early tourney. Paul and F Train went heads up. I'm sure Paul will have a great writeup about everything.

The Townehouse party turned into a NYC blogger fest. Paul, myself, Ugarte, F Train, Joaquin, Jordan, and Mas were there. I got to meet Joaquin and Jordan for the first time. That was great! And yes, Joaquin DOES exist!! I can confirm this. It was a fun time. Paul and I toughed it out and stayed till 5am. Everyone else left throughout the night but not before I got to see Joaquin eat (at least) his 2nd bowl of chili!! Grubby would have been proud.

Toni's Chilli

Some notable hands of the night:

Stud Hi: I foolishly called Paul all the way down to 7th street with A high. He had two pair but it wasn't showing. His high card was a K. I thought my A was good. lol. Ftrain was shocked!

I won a big pot with AA-4. Two cards were suited but I hit a boat on the river with another A after my 4 was paired earlier. I took down another big pot from Andy. His favorite line when the bet was to him was, "Why not" and then he would call. lol.

Late in the night, my K's full beat out Kathy's Q's full. We kept raising and I won a big pot from her. She had to rebuy!

Omaha 8: Played 4 suited cards! I had A-2-3-K. I said fuck it and played them. I scooped the entire pot. Paul was laughing all night because I kept calling Omaha 8. It was a tough game to deal while wasted but the pots were big since everyone was an action junction. I won a bunch of hands but can't remember most of them. I forgot to bring a pen and pad. Though I do remember losing some hands earlier in the night to Ugarte, F Train and Mas.

Follow the Queen: I won a monster pot against Andy's quad K's. I had a straight flush with 2 queens. My down cards were 8Tc. lol. Later on, I lost a huge pot to Kathy and she put a huge dent in my stack.

3-5-7: Terrible game. I don't like it but I won a big pot on the final hand with 5 A's. 3 of my cards were wild sevens! Nice!

7/27: Kathy took another huge pot from me when we both went for the high. I had 27 1/2 and she had 26 1/2. Ouch. She had so many face cards up it wasn't funny. Damn this game!

NL Holdem: We stayed away from this game all night. We played mostly 3/6 Holdem instead. We played NL in our last session. Cliff called it. At 4:40am come Sunday morning, I had my AA cracked!!! I was dealt AA UTG. I limped since it was a 5 handed game. Toni checked in the BB. Everyone else folded. She flopped an open ended straight flush draw. I put her all in and she hit a 6 card straight instead and I doubled her up.

I had a blast! The Townehouse was great and I loved the terrace. It was pretty big. Thanks for having us Toni!! Next up on the Pauly "going away to Vegas tour" is . . . the Blue Parrot this Monday night! Also, don't forget about the freeroll this Tuesday.


At 5/23/2005 11:12 AM, Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Hey Derek,
Sorry we didn't get to play poker together, but maybe we'll be at the same table at the Freeroll. It was good meeting you. I've added you to my links as well. Maybe we can meet up again soon. I might be throwing a home game.

High On Poker


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