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Monday, June 18, 2007

Blue Parrot Stud 8 Part Two

We played Stud 8 at the Blue Parrot again. This time Coach finished in 3rd place. I was second in chips when we decided to chop. Ferrari got first place money and I took down 2nd prize.

We played some NL cash games afterwards and I felted Ferrari 3 times in front of his girl which was awesome. I did it with junk hands too . . . J7s, Q5o and 97s.

Viva la NL!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blue Parrot Stud 8

I'm the 7th best Stud Hi/Lo player out of 8 Blue Parrot players.

That's going on my resume for sure.

The donkeys in seat order . . .

1. Ferrari
2. Ugarte
3. The Rooster
4. Mike
5. F Train
6. Coach
7. Dawn
8. Me

Mary dealt for us and did a great job.

There was a chop when it got down to three players. Dawn had the chip lead and got the biggest payout. Mike the ringer took second prize with F Train getting third place money.

We played some micro NL after the tourney.

Ferrari felted me on one of the first hands in the cash game. Neither one of us got there but his AK was better than my AQ.


I felted F Train a few orbits later. I had the unsuited Jaxia and flopped two pair. J-9 is gold damnit.

Especially against J-2.

Hee haw.

-$101 for the night.

Congrats to Mrs. Spaceman for winning the blogger tourney!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The New Blue Parrot

Oh boy . . . I'm gonna head down to Ferrari's tonight for some poker action. Haven't been to his new place since the old Blue Parrot closed down.

Should be fun . . . we're gonna have some Stud 8 action going on since Coach is playing in that event at the WSOP this year.

Coach better watch out because The Rooster is one cagey mofo.


* * * * *

It was The Rooster's birthday about a week and a half ago . . . went out for drinks and dinner with him and his posse. Needless to say, there was a shitload of ladies there to celebrate his birthday. Yes!


F Train and Mary partied with us too. We had way too many bottles of tequila that night. I'm still sweating it out.

Great times.

The best part of the night . . . three different people walked up to me and asked if I was The Rooster's brother.

Viva la Tequila!