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Thursday, July 27, 2006


I finished in 4th place in the DADI Rebuy tourney last night. I had a pretty good time. Bobby and I both made the final table.

In total, there were 160 rebuys and 48 ad-ons. Luckily, I only had one rebuy and one add-on. I had 3 major suckouts when I was the shortstack and it helped catapult me to the final table. CJ would be proud!

Weak Player also made the final table and finished in 2nd place. He lost his heads up battle to Brdweb. Both guys played great. Congrats guys!

Thanks to TripJax, Jordan, GCox and the gang for setting this event up. A rebuy tourney just seems fitting for a blogger event.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth is one lucky mofo . . . he won Event #34 ($1,000 No Limit Hold'em with Rebuys) last night and took home $631,863. He also tied Johnny "Motherfuckin" Chan and Doyle Brunson for the most number of WSOP bracelets with 10.

I hope Doyle and Johnny win bracelets this year too! Let the trash talking begin!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

WWdN and Keno Crayons

There’s a WWdN tourney on Pokerstars tonight. Don’t miss it . . . the tourney is named after me! I got this honor because I busted CJ out of last week’s tourney (Wil didn’t play because he’s way too busy in Las Vegas watching Otis eat Keno Crayons!).

I was a lucky mofo after that knock out. Shortly afterwards, my A-A held up in a monster three way pot. I went up against K-K and Q-Q and actually won the hand! Woohooo!

My luckbox factor was pretty high last week . . . . I finished in 2nd place! I lost a heads up battle to KentAllard. Congrats on the win Kent!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

For Peyton Silent Auction

Here's something important regarding For Peyton. The auction ends on July 26th so starting your bidding ASAP.

That Bobby Bracelet is quite the guy. He's gone and set up a whole bunch of new items to be auctioned. It won't stop there, either. Look for additions like 2 tickets to Howard and Suzie Lederer's WSOP party, a signed cowboy hat by Kenna James, Matt Savage running your home game, Greg Raymer signed a fossil for some lucky bidder, and even more!

Oh yeah, there will be a poker table auctioned off thanks to Bluff Magazine. It will be signed by every pro that Gavin, Spaceman, and Bluff staff can muster. It'll also be signed by the brand spanking new WSOP Main Event Champion. Then of course, Bobby Bracelet will be auctioning that off to one lucky bastard. Better bring your checkbook for that one though, cause it'll go for over 10k.

Here is a rundown of the stuff you will soon find on Ebay and ready for your bids. And by "soon" I mean later today, July 19th.

Two tickets to the Full Tilt Poker Gala Event at the WSOP! There are two tickets available, each one is allowed to bring a guest. This is up already and will end in 5 days because the event is July 26th. It's at Pure nightclub in Caesar's. Check it out, make a bid, meet and marry a celebrity.


One lucky sob and a guest have a chance to attend Howard and Suzie Lederer's (and Steve Zolotow's) 4th Annual WSOB and Karaoke Championship. Thursday July 27th, from 6pm - ??? at a restaurant off the strip. Many of the top pros will be there, and you never know, possibly a celebrity or two. I can't think of much that would be more entertaining than seeing somebody like Phil Hellmuth belting out Endless love.

Gavin Smith, poker professional and all around great guy, has the tickets and we will get the winning bidder in touch with him to ensure the tickets are in your hand in time.

(Note: this does not mean to imply that Phil Hellmuth will be there. Also: WSOB apparently stands for World Series of Beer. NICE!)

Steve Zolotow
has donated a night out at one of his favorite hangouts, a place called Nice Guy Eddie's in New York. Dinner for two, drinks, and whatever sort of poker conversation you'd like to have. Ask questions, listen to stories, get some tips and pointers, or just shoot the breeze. He's a great guy that truly enjoys conversations on a variety of topics.

Robert Mizrachi has offered a 2 Hour Lesson. This will be by phone unless by some chance you can work out a time and place that works for him. With tourneys and travel, chances are you'll have to settle for a phone lesson, but you never know. Doesn't hurt to ask.

Annie Duke sent two signed copies of her book along with 3 DVD's. They were split up into two packages. The first is the hardcover edition with the advanced secrets DVD, while the other is the paperback version with two DVD's, one for beginners and one for women.

Mike Krzyzewski signed a Duke hat. Bobby Bracelet tells me it has taken every ounce of his will not to stomp it into oblivion before setting it on fire. If you're a fan, it's a great Nike fitted hat. If you aren't, buy it for charity and do exactly as Bobby would do in hopes it will work like voodoo on Duke's chances next season.

There is another Card Player package like last time, only this time we have the ability to also add a one year subscription to Card Player Magazine.

There is another Phil Hellmuth DVD package similar to last time, though it will also be joined by a one year subscription to Card Player Magazine.

Go To For Peyton and keep in eye on these items. Should be up today.

Please do Bobby Bracelet a favor and post this on your site. Again, if you'd like to help out, but don't have the means to bid on something, please pass this information along and/or post it on your blog.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Las Vegas Recap

July 2006

As I waited at the gate to board my return flight home, I noticed this girl who looked very familiar to me. I couldn’t figure out who she was. It was killing me. Then it hit me. She was an actress. I didn’t know her name but I’ve seen her in several movies. I wasn’t 100% sure it was her since we were in a Las Vegas airport and not an LA one.

Jetblue started boarding the plane. She got on before me. Walking down the aisle, I noticed she was sitting in my row. I sat down and we were the only two in the row for the flight to NYC.

I looked over and started a conversation shortly into the flight. She was just opening a movie manuscript to read.

Excuse me but I think I know you. You’re Judy aren’t you? Judy Greer?

Uhh, yes I am. Do we know each other?

Yeah, I think so. We met last year at some party in LA. I think it was an Arrested Development wrap party. My friend’s an exec over there. I drank way too much Soco that night. I was hitting on you pretty hard. Then, I saw you at John O'Groats the next day and you totally blew me off.

The Rooster

This was a complete lie on my part. I never met this girl before in my life. I pulled a Joaquin Ochoa . . . the crime scene investigators at CSI have nothing on me . . . . I saw Judy’s personal info while waiting in line to board the plane. She had her full name, address and cell # on her bag tags. I was feeling frisky leaving Las Vegas and decided to screw around here with her to see how far I could push it.

Jen Garner and Judy Greer

She chuckled and goes, Yeah, maybe. I think I remember that party but I’m not sure if I remember you though. What’s your name again?

It’s Derek and that’s ok . . . . I’m pretty forgettable sometimes.

You look familiar to me too now that you mention it. I’m sure I didn’t mean to blow you off. I was probably in a hurry to a meeting or something.

Good . . . I thought I did something wrong the night before.

Like what?

You don’t remember the leg humping incident?

During the party?


No, I don’t remember that Derek.

It's probably best that you don't.

If I did, this seating situation would’ve been awkward.

No doubt. I couldn’t get you off my leg Judy. It was kind of embarrassing. Everyone was watching you.

You’re funny.

Thanks . . . I’m just kidding about the leg humping.

I'm sure you are . . . . . aren't you?

Of course I am.

I thought so.

You know Judy . . . I usually don’t allow leg humping until the second date. I’m conservative like that.

I'm sure you are Derek. It sounds like it.

Hey, I think this flight counts as our second date.

After some silence . . . she laughed.

So Jetblue huh?

Yeah . . . I like the satellite TV. I’m hoping to watch some Law & Order.

Sweet. So you must get stopped all the time by fans. It must get annoying especially when horny guys do it?

Sometimes . . . I love my fans though.

I gotta say . . . I’m a big fan of the Wedding Planner, Jawbreakers and 13 Going on 30. I really love what you’re doing over there . . . you do great work.

Over where?

Sorry . . . just a figure of speech. I mean . . . Fern Mayo . . . gotta love it.

Thanks. That’s an interesting shirt you’re wearing. What’s a Snailtrax?

It’s a long story but it has something to do with a friend of mine. It was his birthday this past weekend. It’s a shirt I wear in his honor.

What’s the back of it say?

Daddy likes em stout!

So, why are you going to NYC?

Me? I’m going home after a week long vacation with friends and family. You?

I have a business meeting in Manhattan. I have to read some of this manuscript before I land.

Nice . . . hey there’s a Dark Angel marathon on the Sci-fi channel right now. 4 hours of it . . . sweet!

Excuse me?

Sorry. Did I say that out loud Judy?


You gotta love Jessica Alba though.

I guess most guys love her. I can’t blame you.

Sweet Jessica

Do you know Jessica?

I’ve met her.

Can you introduce me?

Only if you let me grab your ass Derek.

Excuse me Judy?

You heard me . . . I want to grab your ass. I heard you have a pretty tight one for a fat kid.


Jen and Judy

At that moment . . . I started to smell something out of the ordinary. It was a great smell too. It was almost orgasmic. I looked a few rows back and noticed someone was cooking bacon of all things. And it was Gavin Smith! What’s going on??

I heard some commotion going on up front and turned my attention to it. I saw Bobby Bracelet playing Chau Giang heads up in a high stakes Blackjack game.

Bobby had a t-shirt that said Bobby Blackjack on it. Chau was cursing in another language when I noticed his shirt. On the front, it said “CHOW GANG” and on the back it said “Pimpin’ ain’t easy.”

I realized I was dreaming when I saw Phil Ivey prop betting with old ladies near the toilets. They were playing Roshambo for $100 a pop. Ouch!

That’s when I felt a sudden jab at my rib cage. I woke up a little confused. It was Judy Greer. She needed to go to the bathroom. I must have fallen asleep during the Dark Angel marathon. I was pretty tired after partying all week in Las Vegas.

Judy came back to her seat and I asked her if I was snoring. She said no and that I was only drooling. I think she was joking.

Excuse me but I think I know you. You’re Judy aren’t you? Judy Greer?

Uhh, yes I am. Didn’t we have this conversation already Derek??

I dunno. Did we? Arrested Development? John O'Groats? J-Lo? Fern Mayo?


Cool. You rock Judy.

Thanks. So do you Derek. How’s your Dark Angel marathon?

It’s going great. I love Jessica Alba!

I know. And I’m sorry but I still can’t introduce you to her. I don’t know her that well.

Hey, did they come by with drinks and snacks yet?

Not yet. You getting thirsty?

Yeah. A little bit but I’m really craving some bacon right now for some reason.

Me too actually. But I don’t think they have that on the flight menu.

You’re my kind of girl Judy. My kind of girl! By the way, do you know Bobby Bracelet by chance?

No. Should I?


What can I say? I started this Las Vegas trip eating free Fatburgers with Grubby and Pauly at Green Valley Ranch. Then I ran into Liz Lieu the second I stepped into the Rio. She talked to me and Pauly for almost an hour. She was pretty damn cool.

Then I got to end my trip sitting next to a Hollywood actress on my flight home. The only thing missing from this trip was membership into the mile high club!

This wild trip started out and finished well but I lost some money in between. It was well worth it though. I had a great time hanging out with old and new friends. It was a blast!

I partied pretty hard during this trip and made more of an effort to gamble less and hang out more. I played very little poker this trip. I spent a lot of time at the bar and also playing –EV table games like Pai Gow, Blackjack and Roulette. I tried to stay away from the craps table . . . I only went by to watch.

I didn’t shave all week and started to look like Chaka from the Land of the Lost. I was Chaka hairy by week end.


I have so many great memories from this week. I wish I was still there. Here are some of them.


Memorable Moments:

  • Watching Maudie do double tequila shots.

  • Blowing off Phil Gordon at Caesar’s to say hi to Bill Rini Sr. Bill’s dad was cool as shit!
  • Sweet sweet Gracie!

  • Watching Shane Nickerson beat out Iggy in two epic Roshambo battles. It was in the middle of the Pai Gow pit. I wondered if their battle was NGC sanctioned? Nickerson proceeded to lose his entire prop winnings at the blackjack table 15 minutes later. Ouch!
  • Walking away from the Pai Gow and Blackjack tables a winner. I played a shitload of-EV games this past week. I lost at poker but won at Pai Gow and blackjack. Very bizarre!

  • Hitting the Full Tilt Maxim party with Friedman. Clonie has huge boobs!
  • Meeting "My Main Man" Freddy Deeb's daughter.

Kick ass shirt

  • Watching a dealer pull a 5 card blackjack against Bobby. She pumped her fist in joy at the sight of her suckout on Bobby. She immediately took off for a dealer switch when I started to booooo her.

  • Poker Diva Liz Lieu

Me being groped by Liz

  • Amy Calistri’s boobs.
  • Watching F Train, Maigrey, Grubbette and Otis play craps. Heather likes betting on the come!

  • Two Words: Sir F!
  • Meeting Grubbette, Iggy’s buddy G Money and Sir F for the first time.

  • Watching Danny boy Negreanu tell Mike Matusow a bad beat story in the bathroom. I didn’t realize Pauly was in the bathroom at the same time. Matusow was picking his nose trying to hit the stall for a quick crap but Negreanu kept yapping about his Omaha hand.

  • Watching Isabelle Mercier wave to Pauly from the distance. Everyone in sight was on tilt!

  • Let it ride Bobby!

  • Hearing that Iggy puked in a trash can at the Excalibur! I walked up to him afterwards and he goes, “I’m going to pull a Derek. I just puked in a trash can. It’s time to puke and rally. Let’s hit the bar!”
  • Getting my ass kicked during prop bets. Sweet sweet Pablo cleaned me out on wheel spins. Damn those wheel spins!

  • Playing poker at the Red Rock Casino. They had a nice 4/8 half kill game. Pretty sweet poker room.

My breakfast at Red Rock

  • Eating dinner at Palm’s and Ferrara’s. Fat kids love their food!

  • Friday night ass grabbing!

  • Sweating Gracie, Isabelle Mercier, the Mark, and Brandon Schaefer at the Rio during WSOP play.
  • Canadians.

  • Playing drunken Pai Gow with the Heads, Maigrey, F Train, Maudie, Garth, Eva, Gracie and Change100.
  • Watching Iggy and April crush the roulette table!

  • Meeting Pauly’s college friend Armando!
  • Watching an Excalibur employee tell a groom in front of his future wife that it’s ok to fuck other girls and be unfaithful right up to the wedding ceremony since what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The look on the grooms face was priceless.

  • Eating at a killer buffet with Stb, GMoney, Pauly, Spaceman, Gracie, Pablo, Rachel and Lydia.
  • Australians and even more Canadians!

  • Getting seated at the blogger tourney at Caesar’s and noticing my first table had Sir F, Spaceman, Helix, Donkey Puncher, Rachel Head, Russ Fox, and Michael Craig. I got to sit with Iggy, GMoney, Bobby, Franklin, and Cincy Sean later on. Helix crippled me when I ran into his K-K. I busted out shortly afterwards.
  • Getting a chance to hang out with AlCantHang, Eva and the Rooster. They almost didn’t show up but did so at the last minute. Weeeeeeeeeee!!!

  • Watching Brandon Schaefer move all-in and take down a big pot early on in a WSOP event.
  • Meeting Brent Stacks and Cincy Sean from Lord Admiral.

  • Playing at a blogger cash game table with Maudie, Pauly, Joe Speaker, Hoyazo, Change100, Joaquin, and Zeem.
  • Cracking Change100's A-A with my 2-2. I flopped a set. Quack Quack!

Cash game

  • Grubby's Diamond card at Caesar’s. We got to cut the long ass line at the taxi stand with it. Sweet!

  • Watching Otis yell PAI GOW in a drunken stupor.
  • Seeing the look on Doyle Brunson’s face when an autograph seeker stopped him for a signature. The guy didn’t have a pen on him. Doyle was gracious but his face said it all. It was the look of “you're a total clown my friend.” Doyle was sitting in his wheel chair and pulled a sharpie out of his pocket. He signed the autograph and took off! You know you’re famous when you have to carry your own sharpie around.

  • Max Pescatori winning a bracelet!

The Mark is a lucky mofo

  • Watching Johnny Chan approach me, Al and Change100 at the Rio after he thought I was sticking my hand out for a fist pump. When I pulled my hand back, he walked away. I was actually telling Al and Change a story when I stuck out my fist. I didn’t leave Johnny hanging entirely, I said . . . “What’s up Johnny!” He smiled back and kept walking.
  • Hanging out with all the bloggers and getting wasted!


I had a great time during this trip. I’m glad I didn’t play too much poker. I had more fun drinking at the bar and talking to every blogger who stopped by (which was everyone at every casino we went to!).

I also enjoyed playing the –EV table games with everyone. That was more fun than trying to gamble alone and win money. I could do that anytime. This trip was for the friendships and good times.

Thanks to everyone for being so great. I especially enjoyed meeting Iggy’s buddy G Money for the first time. He was as cool as shit just like Iggy said. Grubbette was a trip too. She rules!

Congrats to F Train for winning Saturday's blogger tournament. I’ve played against him in live cash games many times and he’s pretty tough to beat. He's the only one at the Blue Parrot besides my brother that will re-raise me! I’m so glad he won. Congrats F Train!

Many thanks to April for her great work in setting this trip up. Thanks April!

By the way, the Excalibur’s poker room sucks ass now. I’m pretty bummed by that. It was the first casino that I ever played live poker. Their room has slipped big time. What a shame!

Don’t forget to check out Flipchip’s WPBT Photo Gallery.

Until next time!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Liz Lieu at the Rio

Me being groped by Liz

I'm in Vegas. Grubby gave me a free Fatburger coupon and we went to Green Valley Ranch.

And Friedman got me into the Full Tilt Maxim party where I hung out with Clonie Gowan and made fun of Mike Matusow with David Grey. I also met "My Main Man" Freddy Deeb's daughter.

I've had five Otis sightings so far at the Rio. He looks very tired.

But the highlight so far, was hanging out with Liz Lieu.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Las Vegas

My Razz game is heating up just in time for my trip to Las Vegas . . . . everyone better watch out!!

Yesterday, I finished in 2nd place in a Razz MTT. The heads up battle lasted forever. It was so long, we had 3 breaks during it. My slay mode was on high but I could only muster 2nd place.

I'm leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow morning . . . . I can't wait. It should be a blast!

By the way, what's the world coming to? I have 3 small words . . . . fucking Dutch Boyd!