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Monday, April 30, 2007

Joe D?

As you can see, I've had trouble filling my blog with posts this month. It's mostly me being lazy. I even tried hiring writers and outsourcing the job but that didn't work out.

Mustafa got busted a few times. He might be doing some hard time . . . so I had to let him go. His incident last week with Don Imus didn't help either. Charges were pressed.

Mustafa's wearing a jump suit right now. He's not too happy with that cracker named Imus.

Prison posts?

My Indian friend Ashvin had to go too. He was working too many jobs at once and wasn't cutting it for me. He only sent me one post.

All he wanted to do was re-type my own posts for me . . . for a fee. Huh? Still haven't figured out if he wanted the content sent to him via email or a handwritten message dropped in the mail.

I couldn't take his accent either.

He was also responsible for Sanjaya Malakar's run on American Idol. He had all of India voting for the kid. Oh . . . and there was a website.

Probably a poker blog too.

Rumors of sweatshops? Country wide I hear.

Who is this kid anyway?

People were speed dialing and text messaging their votes nonstop for him. Carpal tunnel issues for sure. I hear it reduced the countrywide masturbation tendancies for a few months too.

They still play online poker though.

Me too. Full Tilt Poker that is.

Is online poker and American Idol rigged?

How can I sleep at night?

I never did.

* * * * *

WPBT - June 2007

Unfortunately, I won't be going to the June blogger event in Las Vegas. The streak is over.

I made it to every event . . . until now.

Have fun peeps!

I should've played those damn pocket 5's.

Until next time . . .