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Monday, May 30, 2005

Blue Parrot Send Off

The Blue Parrot was great the other night. We only played cash games though. There were no tourneys. The list of characters were long. Paul, F Train, Ferrari, Toby, Coach, Marie and Julie played.

F Train cleaned up and I pretty much broke even because of the last hand of the night. We played Anaconda hi/lo and everyone folded but F Train, Julie and myself by the 3rd card. I was originally pissed because I passed away a few cards that would've made me a boat. Boy was I glad by the time the 3rd card came out! Julie and F Train were obviously going for the high so I had the low locked. I was kind and didn't raise the whole way. I should've been a dick and reraised every round but I didn't. The pot was big enough. Either way, Julie lost her entire stack to me and F Train. Julie had Q's full to F Train's Quads. I had 7 high and scooped the lo. Ouch for Julie!

We played very few rounds of holdem. This one time, Ferrari tried to cold deck us. I sniffed it out right away. Before "the hand" occurred, Ferrari was in the bathroom for a really long time. I went to take a piss as soon as he got out (it was his turn to deal too). I noticed that the bathroom didn't smell for someone who was taking a shit. I immediately knew something was up.

I walked backed to the table and Ferrari had a weird smirk on his face. I announced to the table that it would be awesome to come back to the table and see AA. No one flinched. Paul said, "Have you ever come back from the bathroom in Vegas to see pocket A's?" I said no. I looked down and low and behold . . . there was AA. I looked at Coach and asked him if they cold decked it while I was taking a piss. He said no. As soon as the betting action began and the flop hit. More people started to recognize that something was up. Ferrari was the only one in on it.

Coach, Paul, Ferrari and myself were in the pot. The betting was capped out preflop and post flop. The flop was 2c-7c-7s. I knew the A's were getting cracked. The turn was the Ac. Even fishier! The river, of course, was the 5c. Paul had 27o, Ferrari had 3c-4c, Coach had KK and I had AA. Ferrari couldn't stop laughing. He thought it would be fun to have Paul flop a hammer boat during his send off. For the record, we all got our money back! Good luck in Vegas Paul!!!


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