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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Pauly's Noble Poker Freeroll

I didn't take great notes for this thing since it was a freeroll. One of my friends from work played and was the 1st person KO'd. lol. Iggy took a big chunk of his stack right off the bat. Iggy had AK and took down his 44. The next day at work, my friend said he thought Iggy was bluffing. lol. He had no clue who Iggy was which was funny. He's never read a poker blog before!

I got KO'd after getting some pretty good hands. I had AQ 5 times. I got 88 4 times. I had AK twice but it was AA that killed me. One of the times I got AA, someone moved all in with the hammer and flopped trips. lol. I got AA the very NEXT hand and tripled up but that gave me T131. lol. Not too many chips to bet with. The next best hand that I saw after that was 33 in EP and I lost to 56o. Oh well. Congrats to Pii who took first place out of 153. Geat job.

I'm glad everyone had fun playing. The field was very thin the day before and almost everyone signed up hours before the start time. Either way, it worked out well. Thanks Paul!!


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