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Sunday, May 11, 2008

New York City

I had a great time last weekend.

I’m glad I got to pre-celebrate Iggy’s latest birthday in style with him, G-Money, Pauly, Stb, The Rooster, F-Train, Bobby and Elizabeth.

White Gold and the Swayzzz too.

No Gary Busey though.

Only a quick recap for me this time.

Go read Pauly’s posts if you want better details. He did a great job recanting the entire weekend and hijinks.

Bender 1

Bender 2

NYC Videos

NYC Prop bets

He also has a great photo gallery.

To summarize this weekend best . . .

Bar hopping.


Dial-a-shots with AlCantHang.

Prop bets.

Angle shooting.

Amazing Cab races.


Afghan Wigs.

Yankee Stadium.

Wall Street.

Ground Zero.

Big Nick's.

The Bull.

Girder safety inspectors. Smoke always seemed to be coming out from the structure.

Romanians or Bulgarians?

Phone booth safety inspectors.

Utah get me two.

A female bartender let me smoke her weed.

Good friends.

Good times.

Oh yeah I almost forgot.

The Rooster took a dump in the ladies room at one bar near Bleecker Street. The men’s room had fresh ice in the urinal and toilet. Not sure why he passed on that.

Then a woman with a shaved head took a dump in the men’s room in a midtown bar the next day. I guess it was a “waiting on line” thing. Or maybe she just wanted to stink up the men’s room. She was a dyke you know.

And of course . . . we saw a lesbian wedding. Horny latinas too.

For the record, my two favorite Patrick Swayze movies are Red Dawn and Youngblood.

Here's some of my favorite pics from last weekend courtesy of Pauly . . .