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Monday, January 03, 2005

Las Vegas - Day 2 Part 3

Saturday, December 11, 2004
The Evening: Late Night at the Excalibur

So the tourney was over and Felicia had won. While I was talking to Glenn, everyone started to splinter off. I had wanted to stay at Sam's Town and play some poker but I was pretty tired. Paul and I decided to leave since it was close to dinner time. I forgot to get a poker chip from Sam's Town. I usually get a $1 chip from every casino I play poker in but in all the excitement I forgot to grab one. I must remember to stop by the next time I'm in Vegas and pick one up.

We went out front and tried to hail a cab at the taxi stand but there weren't many in sight. We were lucky to get one as fast as we did. I was fearing a 40 minute wait. Me, Paul,Ferrari, F Train, and Julie took a cab back to the Excalibur. The cab ride took forever but we finally got there. So, I hadn't eaten in a while . . . . it was definitely Sherwood Forrest time!

We all grabbed dinner together. I broke my chicken fingers habit again. I have no clue why? I was in a burger mood again (blame SoCo). I slammed the burger down in record time. We ran into CJ, Badblood and Maudie at the diner. They were eating a few tables away. After we chowed down, we headed to the poker room for what turned out to be an all night session.

Paul and I got seated at the same $2-6 spread table right next to Bad Blood's No Limit table. Paul and I were seated right next to each other too (seats 3 & 4). Badblood was back to back with us. We could just lean back and chat with him in between hands. Iggy showed up and sat at our table in the 2 seat. He was ready to go after a long night and morning!! We played for a few hours together. The food rejuvinated me and I was up for the long haul. I kept taking some pretty bad beats in this session but I was having a great time playing with Paul and Iggy. It was closing in on Midnight and we were having a blast!

Grubby, F Train, EvaCanHang, and HDouble were all playing at a NL table. F Train tried to crack Eva's Kings with the Hammer! Bill Rini was smoking the Excalibur tables too. Eva even spilled her beer on the poker table. The room was buzzing and everyone was having the best time.

HDouble joined our table a little later in the night. At one point he accidentally turned over his cards before the river hit. He showed J7o. He was heads up with this guy from Hawaii. The guy checked on the river even though a Q came out and he could've bluffed. Hank won!! My vicious beats kept continuing all night. My sets and high pocket pairs were getting cracked by runner runner all night. Soon enough, I got pocket Kings dealt to me. I bet out from the start. I raised the pot up to $8. I got 6 callers. Yep, 6 callers. Iggy was one of those callers. While placing out his preflop bet, he leaned over and told me he was going to bad beat me . . . and river it too!! I kept betting and raising the pots. And I kept getting callers. The flop was A-x-9. The turn was a Q. The river was an 8. Iggy cracked my KK with 89s! Damn him!! We laughed and gave each other a high five. Only if I had AA. I would have gotten a chance to spin the wheel.

Grubby came over shortly after that hand. He hung out by the table and chatted with us. The funny thing about the night was that Grubby would sit and play hands for Iggy and Paul when they went to the restroom. The dealers never said anything about him doing that. How funny is that! They yell at Al and Iggy for cursing but they let Grubby play in someone else's seat. He would just sit down in their seats and play out of his rack. A few times he even used Iggy's rack to place bets. I couldn't believe that no one said anything. The whole night seemed like a dream. Maybe it was the booze! We had a live blogger table at the Excalibur. What could be better than that especially with Paul, Iggy, Grubby, and HDouble at the table? It was better than the late night blogger tables online for sure.

At one point, Paul dropped the Hammer and won a big pot that started with six limpers. He raised preflop and only two people stayed in. Paul came out firing on the flop and everyone folded. He showed the Hammer! Everyone got annoyed. Lol!! Soon enough, we ended our session and left for a late night party. I had a great time Saturday. It was very memorable and I will never forget it. I got a chance to play at a live poker table with Iggy, HDouble and Grubby all at once. That was pretty cool. When Maudie left Vegas she was crushing the $1-3 spread table. It was her last poker session in Vegas. Yeah Maudie!!! Before we crashed out for the night, we found Grubby and EvaCanHang hitting the slots by the poker room!!

In a few hours, it was going to be time to head over to the sport book at Mandalay Bay. Soon enough, we would find out that Grubby and Eva went on an all night bender of gambling and boozing. They were accompanied by Iggy and Hank. Paul and I decided to pass out and get ready for Sunday morning football. We had to be at Mandalay Bay well before 10am if we wanted to get a good seat and put some bets in. Iggy wanted us to place a bet on the Cincinnati Bengals for him. Paul gave Iggy a piece of paper that told him to be at Mandalay Bay's Sports Book at 10am on Sunday. And it worked!

My next trip report will be Day 3: Sunday Morning, Mandalay Bay, & boozing with AlCan'tHang and the blogger gang! This trip was a blast so far and I still had almost 3 more days left in Vegas. That means there's plenty of more trips to the Krispy Kreme stand (which we did every late night)!!!

Stay tuned . . . .


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