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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Iggy Wins!

Sunday Night Tourney:
Brought to us by Iggy

The Pacific Poker tourney finally happened. Congrats to Iggy! He won the tourney and claimed 1st place prize. Maudie did well too. She finished in the money with 7th place. A few other bloggers, like Chris Halverson and Badblood, had a pretty good showing too but they finished just out of the money. This tourney also had some non-bloggers participating. I wasn't too excited about that. I knew this tourney would be ripe with a bunch of fish trying to knock the bloggers out. I only played a few hands. I got bad beated early in the tournament and lost half my stack very early. I lost to a runner runner flush by some clown named MNorce. Who's is this clown?? This guy kept calling my bets all the way down to the river with nothing. It was Level 2 and the blinds were 15/30. I had 66 in the BB versus his K9 suited. He was on the button. He cracked my Pocket 6's with crap. I checked preflop and the flop came down 3-10-2. It was a rainbow flop with only one club. I forget which card was the club. It doesn't matter because it was a bad play by this guy and he still won. I felt he was position betting since he was on the button . . . . boy was I right. I bet the pot even though there was an overcard on the flop. He called. The turn was a 6 of clubs. I had a set of 6's now but there were two clubs on the board. I'm thinking he's on a flush draw but I can't think of why he'd be playing that so early. If he had top pair, he most likely would've raised me by now. I bet the pot again, which is well over T300 by now. So with my bet, there is well over T600 in the pot. It was early and I didn't want to go all in so soon. Maybe I should have but I have a feeling that even if I did, this goof ball (MNorce) still would've called me and I would've been the first one KO'd. That was something I didn't want happening. So, I bet the pot again. He called. My mistake of not going all in plus this guy's fishy calls killed me. I guess the pot odds looked good to this clown by now with his flush draw. He was going up against a made hand and he didn't even have the nut flush draw. Going up against fish in tourney play can be deadly. I found out first hand Sunday night. A club came out on the river and I was fucked. He turned over his runner runner flush and beat my set. Damn! This guy had two clubs in his hand and with only one club on the flop . . . he cracked my set of 6's with a flush. I had a bad feeling that was going to happen. He had absolutely nothing until the river card. Pacific Poker still Sucks!! I only played 4 hands. I won 2 and lost 2. Iggy KO'd me. Thanks alot Iggy . . . lol! I went all in short stacked with K8 suited. He called me with AK and I lost. Oh well. Good hand Iggy! The hand that hurt more than the runner runner flush was a hand I folded. I had KQo and folded it. Boy was that a mistake. I should've played it. At the time, I didn't want to call two big re-raises with KQo. I thought I was beat so I folded. Unfortunately, the board would've been great for me. I could've got back into the tourney but I chickened out and folded to the re-raises. The board came out Q-8-K-K-8. I would've had King's full. It was a monster pot too. Oh well . . . . that's poker. I was KO'd by Iggy shortly after that in Level 4 (50/100 blinds). I finished in 66th place out of 77 people. It was a poor showing on my part. Congrats to Iggy and Maudie!

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Aaaaah . . . . The Hilton Sisters Strike Again!!!

This Morning

I cracked Pocket Aces with the Hilton Sisters again. I was playing in a 3 table NL tourney with my brother Paul and Al Can't Hang. Unfortunately, there is no Hilton Sisters Contest going on right now. I bad beated a guy too. I had QQ in the SB. The guy who had AA was slow playing it and limped in. I raised 3 times the BB preflop. He re-raised me and I went all in. He called and I thought I was toast when he turned over AA. I wasn't even thinking about the past Hilton Sister contests. That was . . . until the river hit. A beautiful Queen hit the board and I cracked this guy's AA. I bad beated him with a set of Q's and KO'd him. My brother was at another table but he saw it. I got KO'd shortly after that. I got bad beated twice in a row. I guess I got paid back. Paul outlasted both Al and myself.

Here's a cool photo of Paris Hilton that I got from my brother Paul courtesy of Bruce. Thanks guys! Check out her shirt!!!

Nice one Bruce!

Friday, August 27, 2004

Single table NL game: KO'd

I was playing in a $33 Single table NL game and got KO'd in the 1st hand. Ouch. I hate playing hands early in tourneys. Sometimes I get a brain freeze and fall in love with one of my hands early and play it. This time I couldn't find a reason to fold. I was in the BB. 1st hand and I get A5s. Everyone limped and I checked. I flopped 3-4-2. I flopped a straight and also had a nut flush draw since two of the cards were suited and matched my two hole cards. I checked. Two people bet. One person re-raised the pot. I went all in since there was over T400 in the pot. I got two callers. One guy had pocket 9's and was toast. The re-raiser had pocket 2's. He had a set and I thought he was toast too. I was pumped until a Q and then a 4 came out. I lost to a full house. The board got paired and I lost. Damn. I got KO'd on the first hand. Ouch.

I still owe an update on my final table appearance from August 22nd. I've been real busy lately. I'm working on it. I also took an unexpected trip to Atlantic City one night and played at the Taj Mahal. I didn't make it over to the Borgata nor did I see Johnny Motherfuckin' Chan at any of the Taj tables. I wish I had a chance to go to the Borgata. It was too late and I didn't have the time. I'll post a write up about my trip a little later when I get the chance. I won pretty big at the Taj! The $3/$6 game was packed with fish. I had alot of fun but I wish I had more time to play. Maybe next time. More details to follow . . .

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Sunday, August 15th:
Multi-Table NL tourney

This is a level by level update of a tournament that I played in two weeks ago. I promised some details awhile ago so here it is . . . .

Level 1:
Blinds are 10/15. I had A3o in BB. I flopped a straight draw but folded on turn after I called a T130 raise on the flop. My 4 came out on the river. I would've won but I shouldn't have even been in this hand. It was a stupid play on my part. I lost T880 pot. Later on, I had JJ and won with two pair. I kept raising and two guys who were both on a draw kept calling me. After losing some money, I was back up to T1270 after this hand. My AJ (had top pair) lost to a runner runner boat. I kept betting but he kept calling and I lost a decent size pot.

Level 2:
(Blinds are 10/20) & Level 3 (Blinds are 15/30): I mostly folded crappy hands. I felt I played too many hands in level 1. I usually like to fold everything early in tourneys especially when there is a big field (unless it's a monster hand) . This one had 1,303 participants and I didn't want to get bounced early.

Level 4:
Blinds are 25/50. I had AQo in the 1st hand and flopped two pair. I bet the pot and took it down. With T1135, I had AJs a few hands later and flopped top pair with the nut flush draw. I bet the pot and everyone folded. I had A6s on the button. I called a moderate raise and flopped a set of 6's. I bet the pot. Some guy reraised me and I put him all in and won the showdown. He had K3s. What a clown!

Level 5: Blinds are 50/100. A5s in the BB. I flopped a straight. I checked. Two people raised and I went all in. I got both guys to call and I won T2441 versus a 22 and A3. I folded most of the remaining hands in this round.

Level 6: Blinds are 75/150. I had 10-10 on the button with T3344 and re-raised a bettor. He re-raised me and I went all in and this guy called with 7-7. I won and took down a pot of T5863.

Level7: Blinds are 100/200. I had JJ UTG and raised T700. I KO'd some girl with J3o. I won T2272 and my stack was up to T7697. I threw away a ton of K suited and A little hands. A bunch of them would've gotten me flushes or straights.

Level 8: Blinds are 150/300. I have T6897. I won a few unexciting hands when I got KK on the button. I won the pot after several raises. My all in re-raise beat an UTG QQ. I had T11,897 after this pot.

Level 9: Blinds are 200/400. I got AK. AK has been a tough hand for me lately. Everytime I've been getting it lately, I've been beaten bad. In the past, I've been very effective playing with this hand preflop and after the flop. Recently, I've been screwed with this hand. I cringe when I get it now. I bet with this hand when I had T10,747. Someone re-raised me all in. I called and was going up against AA. I lost a big pot. I had T6755 left. I got 5-10s in the next hand and folded it. Unfortunately I would've flopped a full house. Oh well. I had A2s in the next hand and went all in and got one caller. I went up against KT and won a pot worth T6600. Rags came out and I won with A high. I got JJ in the BB and won against A10o. This guy raised me all in with a J on the flop. I won and KO'd this guy. I was up to T15,115 when I got KO'd. I had A9s in the BB. I flopped top pair. I was up against J10o. I went all in and this guy called me. The flop was A-8-4. Two cards were suited. One of his cards matched those suits and he caught runnner runner flush and KO'd me. I finished in 121st place and finished in the money. I won my buy in back. It was a long time to play for such a little payout but I outlasted a ton of people and got some more tourney experience which I'm most happy about. Maybe I'll make it further the next time around. My best finish to date is 27th place.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Pacific Poker Sucks!

The Sunday night blogger tourney never happened. Pacific Poker sucks. They messed up and didn't post our tourney. What a bunch of clowns. They blow!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Final Table Appearance!

Sunday Morning Party Poker Tournament:

I played in the cheap NL multi table tourney today and made it to the final table for the first time. 1,334 people played this morning. I finished in 6th place. 1st place paid $1,334. 6th place paid out $266.80. It's the best I've ever done in this tourney. 27th place was my previous best. I played for over 5 hours before I got KO'd. What a grind. I will post more info on the tourney a little later. I'm playing in the Blogger tourney later tonight on Pacific Poker. I hope I didn't use up all my luck on Party Poker this morning. More details soon . . . .

Sunday, August 15, 2004


I played in a 3 table NL tourney today. I finished in 3rd place. I won the 1st two hands of the tourney at my table. I had Q10 suited in the BB. No raises. I checked to see the free flop. The flop hit Q Q 3. I bet the pot. I got one caller. The turn was a 6. There was no flush on the board so I bet the pot again. My opponent re-raised me all-in. I called. I can't believe I played this hand. I'm all in during the 1st hand. This is definitely not what I wanted. It was way too early to be going all in. I was worried he had a full house but I called anyway. I couldn't lay down top set plus this was Party Poker. The guy could've very well had second pair. I've seen people go all in with crap online more than once before. Could this guy be one of the many idiots? He turned over QJ. Fuck . . . he had the Jack kicker. The river came out . . . 10!! I got a full house and KO'd this guy. Ouch. Lucky hand for me.

My second hand of the tourney was AA. I raised and got a few callers. An A hit the flop. I checked - raised on the flop and got 2 callers. A possible flush draw comes out on the turn so I raised it up and everyone folded. After the 1st two hands, I was in great chip position. I led the field for quite a while. I had over 3 times the buy in stack after the 1st few hands. I ran into some big hands at the final table and finished in 3rd. I won a decent cash prize. Top 5 got paid. 2nd place prize and 3rd place prize are very close. Not much of a difference.

At the final table, my AK ran into AA, my AA ran into KJ offsuit (of course this guy caught his runner runner straight). I finally got KO'd by the eventual 1st place winner when my All in preflop raise with QQ lost to 8 5 offsuit. I lost to a straight. My All in raise was pretty substantial but this guy called anyway. I was 2nd in chips at the time and was pretty close to the chip leader. I still can't believe this guy called my raise with 85o. Damn him.

Multi Table Tourney Play

I played in the early morning NL tournament on Party Poker. 1,218 people played. It was rather uneventful for me. I played very few hands and got KO'd after I started to get chipped down. Boy Genius, AlCantHang, and myself were the only ones who played. AlCantHang got KO'd very early. I think he had an early morning appointment with his bartender that he didn't want to miss. So-Co shots must have been half off. BG faired much better than Al and myself.

I also played on Sunday morning and did much better. The pool was 1,303 deep. I finished in the money this time around. More details to follow in a future post . . . .

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Saturday: NL Multi-Table Tourney

I was doing very well in this early morning NL tourney. I managed to make my way into the top 20 overall and stay there for most of the tourney but I ended up finishing in only 165th place. I had over T10,000 and was playing well until I got beat on two tough and unreal hands. I had AcKc and lost to KK. I had AsQs and lost to A3o. I lost all of my money during both of these hands. There were a lot a clowns online in this tourney. The flies were dropping faster than I'd ever seen in this daily tourney. My QQ raises were getting called by people with 44. Play like that was paying off for me all day. I thought I was going to finish in the money but I didn't. Only 120 people got paid and my bad luck killled me. My brother stormed back from a short stack and connection problems to finish in 36th place. He finished in the money. Paul also got into a little chat war with some guy at my table after the guy lost some of his big stack. Immediately after the verbal war began, this guy flopped quad kings and got back all the money he lost in the previous hands.

3 Table Tourneys:

Party Poker has these Three table NL tourneys that I've been playing in recently. It's not bad for multi table tournament experience. The price is right ($6)and it will occupy an hour and a half of your time while you sharpen up those NL tourney skills. I played in 3 of them this past weekend and unfortunately I bubbled out every time and finished in 6th place. This tourney only pays out the top 5 finishers. In this instance, it was not great value for my buy ins, but for $6, it's was well worth it for the practice and experience.

Sunday: Badblood Strikes!

I played in a NL multi table tournament today with 1317 people. There were several poker bloggers playing in this too. Myself, AlCantHang, Badblood, and LordGeznikor were all playing and cheering each other on. I got KO'd and finished in 629th place shortly after the first break. I had AK dealt to me in level 6 and lost to QQ. The blinds were 75/150. I was in late position. There were a few limpers. Middle position raised preflop to T400. I re-raised All in and went over the top of this guy with my AK. He called and rags hit the board. I finished way too early. I didn't play too many hands. Badblood kicked some ass and made the final table. Congrats Badblood! Check out his report on the August 8th tournament . . . . BadBloodonpoker.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

NL Ring Games

Friday Night:

I did very well again last night. But it was one of those nights were if I had been a looser player, I would've won even more cash. I don't know how many times I would fold hands like J7o and a full house would hit the board. Q3's and K2's were easy lay downs but the flops hurt when quads or a set hit the board.

I got AA early in the night. I raised preflop with them in middle position and got a few callers. The board hit 2c 3c 4d. I bet the pot. One guy folded and the other guy raised me. I re-raised him and went all in with AcAs. He called and turned over KcKd. turn was 8s . . . river was 7c. I won a $40+ pot from this guy. Just what you want with AA . . . to go up against a raiser who has KK. Good way to start the night. Tonight I won a lot of hands outplaying people on the flop as opposed to playing only good hands. I finished up for the session and walked away early to get some rest.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

My Hilton Sisters Cracked Pocket Aces!!

I did it! I cracked AA with my QQ while playing online this Saturday. I was playing in a $25 NL cash game on Party Poker. I got lucky. I didn't make this guy for pocket aces. I hate to admit this but I rivered him. Oh well . . . . he should have done a better job at protecting his hand. He tried to slow play his Aces and paid for it. He messed up so too bad for him. I wonder if I'll have a shot at winning my brother's Hilton Sisters' contest?

So while I was cracking pocket Aces with the Hilton Sisters, poor Paris Hilton is still trying to get over being bitched slapped and roughed up by a Tommy Lee wannabe and former boy band loser Nick Carter. Afterwards, I heard they asked Nick . . . . what did he tell Paris after the black eye. His said, "nothing . . I already told her once!"

Anyway, so check it out . . .

***** Hand History for Game 802159559 *****
TexasHTGameTable (NL) - Sat Jul 31 22:14:27 EDT 2004
Table Run It out (Real Money)
Seat 1: Sean ( $15)
Seat 2: lindsey ( $39.85)
Seat 3: Red ( $61.70)
Seat 4: Steve ( $25.44)
Seat 5: Derek ( $26.66)
Seat 6: JKing ( $16.90)
Seat 7: beef ( $24.25)
Seat 8: mcfly ( $29.55)
Seat 9: Equak05 ( $41.40)
Seat 10: Drew ( $42.20)
Drew posts small blind (0.25)
Sean posts big blind (0.50)

** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Derek [ Qd Qh ]
lindsey folds.
Red folds.
Steve folds.
Derek raises (2) to 2
JKing calls (2)
beef folds.
mcfly calls (2)
Equak05 folds.
Drew folds.
Sean calls (1.50)

** Dealing Flop ** : [ 6c, Kh, 8h ]
Sean checks.
Derek bets (3)
JKing calls (3)
mcfly folds.
Sean folds.

** Dealing Turn ** : [ Th ]
Derek bets (6)
JKing raises (11.90) to 11.90
JKing is all-In.
Derek calls (5.90)

** Dealing River ** : [ Qc ]
Creating Main Pot with $36.15 with JKing
** Summary **Main Pot: $36.15 Rake: $1.90
Board: [ 6c Kh 8h Th Qc ]

Derek balance $45.91, bet $16.90, collected $36.15, net +$19.25 [ Qd Qh ] [ three of a kind, queens -- Kh,Qd,Qh,Qc,Th ]

JKing balance $0, lost $16.90 [ Ah Ac ] [ a pair of aces -- Ah,Ac,Kh,Qc,Th ]

That's No Limit Baby . . . .

Saturday: Party Poker

I played in 5 NL tourneys today. One was a multi table and 4 of them were single table tourneys. I placed in all 4 of the single tables. I finished in 3rd, 2nd, 1st, and 2nd place. I should have won two of them. The multi table one had over 1000 entrants. Boy Genius outlasted AlCantHang and myself. BG finished in the money while our poor souls missed out. Congrats to Boy Genius!

Sunday: Multi table NL tourney

AK and KK let me down like never before . . . .

LEVEL 1: I played Sunday and saw less than 10 hands dealt to my table. I played in only 2. I got KO'd in less than 15 minutes of tourney play. It was my worse showing ever. I usually hate playing hands in the early levels of tourneys but how can you lay down AK or even KK in the 1st level, right? So, I had AK suited in late position. The blinds are 10/15. It's super early and I went against my usual tourney philosophy and played hands in level 1. It is hand #5 overall at my table. There are 5 limpers when the bets gets to me. I raised it up to $60. I get 6 callers! So I begin to wonder if everyone, except for me, has pockets AA's. So there's $420 in the pot. The flop comes out Kd-Jc-4c. Checks all around. I'm 2nd to last to act. I bet the pot with a nut flush draw and top pair. There was a lot of preflop callers so I wanted to make sure the limpers folded after the flop with my bet. All of them did except for the person behind me on the button. It was an aggressive bet for a level 1 NL tourney but it was the move to make. There were 7 players and a $60 bet on the flop when there is over $400 in the pot is a dumb bet. I would raise someone who did that in this situation. So I went for it and bet the pot thinking everyone would fold. I was wrong. The guy on the button re-raised me all in. This is the 5th hand mind. I was contemplating laying it down since it was still very early but I wasn't going to let this clown bully me. I had AcKc. Screw him, right? Nut flush draw and top pair sounded good enough to call this guy's all in raise so I called. He turns over AJ offsuit. I couldn't believe he re-raised me with only 2nd pair. I was excited to see that because I had him. Turn card . . . Jd. River card . . . 5h. Ouch. I had only $15 left after this hand. Enough to cover the Big Blind. I get KK dealt to me so I go all in. 4 people called and I lost to a set. Some guy won with a set of 6's. I got KO'd in less than no time. Double ouch!