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Monday, May 02, 2005

Upon further review . . .

I really blew the tourney last night. I should've won. lol. I know what I did wrong. I didn't use my big stack properly (micropenis here) and I got too tight late in the event. I lost my aggression and wussed out. Damn.

I got some good advice from my brother, Dr. Pauly today.

He said, "Not to be an asshole, but you blew it last night. Herm Edwards wouldn't be too proud. You're supposed to play to win the game, but you played for 2nd place." lol. Unfortunately, he was right. Damn.

Though, it was worse than that. I finished in 7th place, not 2nd. Plus, if this was a WPT event, I wouldn't have even made the TV final table. Things get even worse believe it or not. I could've been Shana Hiatt's bubble boy . . . but I wasn't!! There was no bubble boy, you suck exit interview. After I got KO'd, it was just me and a bad rerun of Degrassi High. Damn. Next time!

Congrats again to Russell!!!


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