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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Random List of 3's . . .

Top 3 Public Pissing Incidents

1. In the stairwell next to a shut down NYC poker room. Bobby Bracelet was there too and I think there were security cameras watching us.
2. Next to a Key West mailbox on Duvall Street with Grubby acting as my look out.
3. In a phone booth outside the Blue Parrot.

Top 3 Places to chat up Casino Hookers

1. By the Taj Mahal poker room.
2. MGM slot machines near Zuri lounge.
3. At the IP Geisha bar.

Top 3 Toilet Clogging Incidents

1. At Badblood’s house in G-Vegas. I embarrassingly had to ask his wife for assistance.
2. At a Key West hotel toilet. I was sharing a room with The Rooster.
3. At Red Rock Casino. I was sharing a room with Change100 and Dr. Pauly.

Top 3 Public Puking Incidents

1. On Landow’s lawn during the 2004 Bash.
2. On Otis' lawn during the 2005 Brad-O-Ween.
3. In a Parking lot the day before the 2005 Bash. Big Mike acted as lookout. People in the diner claimed I was so loud that they heard me blowing chunks.

The Last 3 Things I Saw People Reading on Subway

1. Comic book
2. Religious pamphlet
3. Gossip Magazine

3 Things you might not know about me

1. I sell product liability insurance to the porn industry and dildo companies.
2. I like to slow play the hammer.
3. I too juiced on Boli from 2001 to 2003. But that was before the poker boom. I swear.

My 3 All-time Favorite Latinas

1. Jennifer Lopez before she became J-Lo.
2. Eva Mendes.
3. Charro.

My 3 Favorite Las Vegas Poker Rooms

1. The Wynn
2. MGM
3. The Venetian

My 3 Favorite East Coast Poker Rooms

1. The Borgata
2. Taj Mahal
3. Foxwoods

My 3 All-time Favorite Midgets

1. Iggy
2. Tattoo aka Herve Villechaize
3. Mini-Me

Mustafa’s 3 Favorite TV shows

1. White Shadow
2. What's Happening!!
3. The Jeffersons

My 3 Most Awkward Boners . . . to date

1. During my 5th grade oral presentation on Isaac Newton.
2. On a packed subway during rush hour. I poked several girls. Surprisingly most smiled.
3. During a Proctology exam. Thank goodness the doctor was a cute Latina with small hands.

The Top 3 "Not all the way Black" List presented by Gary Sheffield and Mustafa

1. Derek Jeter
2. Barack Obama
3. Halle Berry

Mustafa's Top 3 Celebrity Crackers in NYC

1. David Lee
2. Nick Mangold
3. Henrik Lundqvist

Top 3 Bang Bros Sites

1. Bang Bus
2. Fuck Team Five
3. Backroom MILF

Mustafa's 3 Favorite Pimps

1. Hugh Heffner
2. The Rooster
3. Ricardo Montalban

My 3 Favorite poker hands

1. A-A
2. K-K
3. 9-7 offsuit