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Friday, November 26, 2004


I just got KO'd from a 3 table tourney on PP. I made it to the final table and lost with pocket K's. It was Level 8 and the blinds were 150/300. I had KK on the button and raised it to T1200. I got one caller. The flop was 5-4-J. I went all in with my remaining T2800. The guy called me with 49s. The turn was an A and the river was 9. Ouch, two pair. I finished in 8th place. The guy who won became the chip leader with that hand. Of course, he lost most of his chips (my chips) on the next hand. Boy that was a bad way for me to lose, eh.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Vegas Blogger Tournament

So the Vegas trip is getting closer. Badblood and Maudie are in. Maudie created this cool chip design. She's turning it into a t-shirt in honor of the first ever Live Poker Blogger NL Tourney. It's becoming known as the Las Vegas Holiday Classic. As everyone knows by now, the tourney is going to be held in Vegas at Sam's Town Casino. We have almost 30 seats filled. The tourney is going to be on Saturday, Dec. 11th at about 1pm The buy in is $50 ($45 prize pool + $5 for the dealer toke). I'm getting really excited as the days go on. It's going to a big party with all the poker bloggers. Even a few pros might play. Supposedly Charlie Shoten (link courtesy of the Poker Prof) will be there. My brother, The Poker Prof, and Sam’s Town poker room manager, Dick Gatewood have all done a great job in setting this up. Many thanks to all of them. The Poker Prof says there's going to be a complimentary continental breakfast the day of the tournament. We'll get a chance to talk to some of the pros. Charlie is trying to convince other professional players to attend. The WPT's Five Diamonds Tournament will be going on at the Bellagio that week. Tom McEvoy who is a WSOP Champion might be at the event too. He won the main event in 1983. How cool is that! There might be some bounties at the tourney too. Dick is being really cool with hosting this event for us. He's even willing to arrange room reservations if you need it. Who will win??

Friday, November 19, 2004

It's been a while . . .

I've been slacking on my blogging this month. I've played a few times with Badblood and Maudie online at Party Poker. One night, I took down Badblood with his daring 2-7o play to the river heads up with me in a NL ring game. I won a big pot from him on that one. Later on, I rivered him with my A8s vs his 99. I caught an A on the river for two pair. Badblood has been on a tear online. Every time I check in on him, he usually has a big stack. Keep it up Badblood. And loan me some money while you're at it!

So I saw this link on espn the other day. It looks like Iggy is starting a trend here. This tennis pro is quitting the tour to play poker professionally. How about that? By the way, good luck Iggy!