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Sunday, August 01, 2004

That's No Limit Baby . . . .

Saturday: Party Poker

I played in 5 NL tourneys today. One was a multi table and 4 of them were single table tourneys. I placed in all 4 of the single tables. I finished in 3rd, 2nd, 1st, and 2nd place. I should have won two of them. The multi table one had over 1000 entrants. Boy Genius outlasted AlCantHang and myself. BG finished in the money while our poor souls missed out. Congrats to Boy Genius!

Sunday: Multi table NL tourney

AK and KK let me down like never before . . . .

LEVEL 1: I played Sunday and saw less than 10 hands dealt to my table. I played in only 2. I got KO'd in less than 15 minutes of tourney play. It was my worse showing ever. I usually hate playing hands in the early levels of tourneys but how can you lay down AK or even KK in the 1st level, right? So, I had AK suited in late position. The blinds are 10/15. It's super early and I went against my usual tourney philosophy and played hands in level 1. It is hand #5 overall at my table. There are 5 limpers when the bets gets to me. I raised it up to $60. I get 6 callers! So I begin to wonder if everyone, except for me, has pockets AA's. So there's $420 in the pot. The flop comes out Kd-Jc-4c. Checks all around. I'm 2nd to last to act. I bet the pot with a nut flush draw and top pair. There was a lot of preflop callers so I wanted to make sure the limpers folded after the flop with my bet. All of them did except for the person behind me on the button. It was an aggressive bet for a level 1 NL tourney but it was the move to make. There were 7 players and a $60 bet on the flop when there is over $400 in the pot is a dumb bet. I would raise someone who did that in this situation. So I went for it and bet the pot thinking everyone would fold. I was wrong. The guy on the button re-raised me all in. This is the 5th hand mind. I was contemplating laying it down since it was still very early but I wasn't going to let this clown bully me. I had AcKc. Screw him, right? Nut flush draw and top pair sounded good enough to call this guy's all in raise so I called. He turns over AJ offsuit. I couldn't believe he re-raised me with only 2nd pair. I was excited to see that because I had him. Turn card . . . Jd. River card . . . 5h. Ouch. I had only $15 left after this hand. Enough to cover the Big Blind. I get KK dealt to me so I go all in. 4 people called and I lost to a set. Some guy won with a set of 6's. I got KO'd in less than no time. Double ouch!


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