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Sunday, August 15, 2004


I played in a 3 table NL tourney today. I finished in 3rd place. I won the 1st two hands of the tourney at my table. I had Q10 suited in the BB. No raises. I checked to see the free flop. The flop hit Q Q 3. I bet the pot. I got one caller. The turn was a 6. There was no flush on the board so I bet the pot again. My opponent re-raised me all-in. I called. I can't believe I played this hand. I'm all in during the 1st hand. This is definitely not what I wanted. It was way too early to be going all in. I was worried he had a full house but I called anyway. I couldn't lay down top set plus this was Party Poker. The guy could've very well had second pair. I've seen people go all in with crap online more than once before. Could this guy be one of the many idiots? He turned over QJ. Fuck . . . he had the Jack kicker. The river came out . . . 10!! I got a full house and KO'd this guy. Ouch. Lucky hand for me.

My second hand of the tourney was AA. I raised and got a few callers. An A hit the flop. I checked - raised on the flop and got 2 callers. A possible flush draw comes out on the turn so I raised it up and everyone folded. After the 1st two hands, I was in great chip position. I led the field for quite a while. I had over 3 times the buy in stack after the 1st few hands. I ran into some big hands at the final table and finished in 3rd. I won a decent cash prize. Top 5 got paid. 2nd place prize and 3rd place prize are very close. Not much of a difference.

At the final table, my AK ran into AA, my AA ran into KJ offsuit (of course this guy caught his runner runner straight). I finally got KO'd by the eventual 1st place winner when my All in preflop raise with QQ lost to 8 5 offsuit. I lost to a straight. My All in raise was pretty substantial but this guy called anyway. I was 2nd in chips at the time and was pretty close to the chip leader. I still can't believe this guy called my raise with 85o. Damn him.

Multi Table Tourney Play

I played in the early morning NL tournament on Party Poker. 1,218 people played. It was rather uneventful for me. I played very few hands and got KO'd after I started to get chipped down. Boy Genius, AlCantHang, and myself were the only ones who played. AlCantHang got KO'd very early. I think he had an early morning appointment with his bartender that he didn't want to miss. So-Co shots must have been half off. BG faired much better than Al and myself.

I also played on Sunday morning and did much better. The pool was 1,303 deep. I finished in the money this time around. More details to follow in a future post . . . .


At 8/21/2004 10:11 PM, Blogger Stan's Ace Nuts said...

So, I've just recently caught the Hold'em bug, and I've started a blog www.stansacenuts.blogspot.com. I'd like to link to yours, if that's cool.


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