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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Iggy Wins!

Sunday Night Tourney:
Brought to us by Iggy

The Pacific Poker tourney finally happened. Congrats to Iggy! He won the tourney and claimed 1st place prize. Maudie did well too. She finished in the money with 7th place. A few other bloggers, like Chris Halverson and Badblood, had a pretty good showing too but they finished just out of the money. This tourney also had some non-bloggers participating. I wasn't too excited about that. I knew this tourney would be ripe with a bunch of fish trying to knock the bloggers out. I only played a few hands. I got bad beated early in the tournament and lost half my stack very early. I lost to a runner runner flush by some clown named MNorce. Who's is this clown?? This guy kept calling my bets all the way down to the river with nothing. It was Level 2 and the blinds were 15/30. I had 66 in the BB versus his K9 suited. He was on the button. He cracked my Pocket 6's with crap. I checked preflop and the flop came down 3-10-2. It was a rainbow flop with only one club. I forget which card was the club. It doesn't matter because it was a bad play by this guy and he still won. I felt he was position betting since he was on the button . . . . boy was I right. I bet the pot even though there was an overcard on the flop. He called. The turn was a 6 of clubs. I had a set of 6's now but there were two clubs on the board. I'm thinking he's on a flush draw but I can't think of why he'd be playing that so early. If he had top pair, he most likely would've raised me by now. I bet the pot again, which is well over T300 by now. So with my bet, there is well over T600 in the pot. It was early and I didn't want to go all in so soon. Maybe I should have but I have a feeling that even if I did, this goof ball (MNorce) still would've called me and I would've been the first one KO'd. That was something I didn't want happening. So, I bet the pot again. He called. My mistake of not going all in plus this guy's fishy calls killed me. I guess the pot odds looked good to this clown by now with his flush draw. He was going up against a made hand and he didn't even have the nut flush draw. Going up against fish in tourney play can be deadly. I found out first hand Sunday night. A club came out on the river and I was fucked. He turned over his runner runner flush and beat my set. Damn! This guy had two clubs in his hand and with only one club on the flop . . . he cracked my set of 6's with a flush. I had a bad feeling that was going to happen. He had absolutely nothing until the river card. Pacific Poker still Sucks!! I only played 4 hands. I won 2 and lost 2. Iggy KO'd me. Thanks alot Iggy . . . lol! I went all in short stacked with K8 suited. He called me with AK and I lost. Oh well. Good hand Iggy! The hand that hurt more than the runner runner flush was a hand I folded. I had KQo and folded it. Boy was that a mistake. I should've played it. At the time, I didn't want to call two big re-raises with KQo. I thought I was beat so I folded. Unfortunately, the board would've been great for me. I could've got back into the tourney but I chickened out and folded to the re-raises. The board came out Q-8-K-K-8. I would've had King's full. It was a monster pot too. Oh well . . . . that's poker. I was KO'd by Iggy shortly after that in Level 4 (50/100 blinds). I finished in 66th place out of 77 people. It was a poor showing on my part. Congrats to Iggy and Maudie!


At 9/11/2004 6:34 PM, Blogger Ignatious said...

fun writeup and thanks a ton for playing. sorry i just saw this now after my return from vacation.

lol, sorry for knocking you out. i think i was shortstacked at that point and was getting desparate.


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