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Friday, August 27, 2004

Single table NL game: KO'd

I was playing in a $33 Single table NL game and got KO'd in the 1st hand. Ouch. I hate playing hands early in tourneys. Sometimes I get a brain freeze and fall in love with one of my hands early and play it. This time I couldn't find a reason to fold. I was in the BB. 1st hand and I get A5s. Everyone limped and I checked. I flopped 3-4-2. I flopped a straight and also had a nut flush draw since two of the cards were suited and matched my two hole cards. I checked. Two people bet. One person re-raised the pot. I went all in since there was over T400 in the pot. I got two callers. One guy had pocket 9's and was toast. The re-raiser had pocket 2's. He had a set and I thought he was toast too. I was pumped until a Q and then a 4 came out. I lost to a full house. The board got paired and I lost. Damn. I got KO'd on the first hand. Ouch.

I still owe an update on my final table appearance from August 22nd. I've been real busy lately. I'm working on it. I also took an unexpected trip to Atlantic City one night and played at the Taj Mahal. I didn't make it over to the Borgata nor did I see Johnny Motherfuckin' Chan at any of the Taj tables. I wish I had a chance to go to the Borgata. It was too late and I didn't have the time. I'll post a write up about my trip a little later when I get the chance. I won pretty big at the Taj! The $3/$6 game was packed with fish. I had alot of fun but I wish I had more time to play. Maybe next time. More details to follow . . .


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