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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Saturday: NL Multi-Table Tourney

I was doing very well in this early morning NL tourney. I managed to make my way into the top 20 overall and stay there for most of the tourney but I ended up finishing in only 165th place. I had over T10,000 and was playing well until I got beat on two tough and unreal hands. I had AcKc and lost to KK. I had AsQs and lost to A3o. I lost all of my money during both of these hands. There were a lot a clowns online in this tourney. The flies were dropping faster than I'd ever seen in this daily tourney. My QQ raises were getting called by people with 44. Play like that was paying off for me all day. I thought I was going to finish in the money but I didn't. Only 120 people got paid and my bad luck killled me. My brother stormed back from a short stack and connection problems to finish in 36th place. He finished in the money. Paul also got into a little chat war with some guy at my table after the guy lost some of his big stack. Immediately after the verbal war began, this guy flopped quad kings and got back all the money he lost in the previous hands.

3 Table Tourneys:

Party Poker has these Three table NL tourneys that I've been playing in recently. It's not bad for multi table tournament experience. The price is right ($6)and it will occupy an hour and a half of your time while you sharpen up those NL tourney skills. I played in 3 of them this past weekend and unfortunately I bubbled out every time and finished in 6th place. This tourney only pays out the top 5 finishers. In this instance, it was not great value for my buy ins, but for $6, it's was well worth it for the practice and experience.

Sunday: Badblood Strikes!

I played in a NL multi table tournament today with 1317 people. There were several poker bloggers playing in this too. Myself, AlCantHang, Badblood, and LordGeznikor were all playing and cheering each other on. I got KO'd and finished in 629th place shortly after the first break. I had AK dealt to me in level 6 and lost to QQ. The blinds were 75/150. I was in late position. There were a few limpers. Middle position raised preflop to T400. I re-raised All in and went over the top of this guy with my AK. He called and rags hit the board. I finished way too early. I didn't play too many hands. Badblood kicked some ass and made the final table. Congrats Badblood! Check out his report on the August 8th tournament . . . . BadBloodonpoker.


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