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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Aaaaah . . . . The Hilton Sisters Strike Again!!!

This Morning

I cracked Pocket Aces with the Hilton Sisters again. I was playing in a 3 table NL tourney with my brother Paul and Al Can't Hang. Unfortunately, there is no Hilton Sisters Contest going on right now. I bad beated a guy too. I had QQ in the SB. The guy who had AA was slow playing it and limped in. I raised 3 times the BB preflop. He re-raised me and I went all in. He called and I thought I was toast when he turned over AA. I wasn't even thinking about the past Hilton Sister contests. That was . . . until the river hit. A beautiful Queen hit the board and I cracked this guy's AA. I bad beated him with a set of Q's and KO'd him. My brother was at another table but he saw it. I got KO'd shortly after that. I got bad beated twice in a row. I guess I got paid back. Paul outlasted both Al and myself.

Here's a cool photo of Paris Hilton that I got from my brother Paul courtesy of Bruce. Thanks guys! Check out her shirt!!!

Nice one Bruce!


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