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Saturday, August 07, 2004

NL Ring Games

Friday Night:

I did very well again last night. But it was one of those nights were if I had been a looser player, I would've won even more cash. I don't know how many times I would fold hands like J7o and a full house would hit the board. Q3's and K2's were easy lay downs but the flops hurt when quads or a set hit the board.

I got AA early in the night. I raised preflop with them in middle position and got a few callers. The board hit 2c 3c 4d. I bet the pot. One guy folded and the other guy raised me. I re-raised him and went all in with AcAs. He called and turned over KcKd. turn was 8s . . . river was 7c. I won a $40+ pot from this guy. Just what you want with AA . . . to go up against a raiser who has KK. Good way to start the night. Tonight I won a lot of hands outplaying people on the flop as opposed to playing only good hands. I finished up for the session and walked away early to get some rest.


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