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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Sir F Wins 1st Saturday with Dr. Pauly!

Sir F won Dr. Pauly's tournament on Pokerstars today. Congrats to Sir F! He beat out Gary634 in heads up play. Great job guys!

Bobby Huge Junk did well and finished in 3rd. 98 players signed up for this event. The top 9 paid. Paul finished in 26th place and I was KO'd in 53rd. Ouch! Jen Leo did great too. She finished in 10th place on the bubble.

Great job everyone! Thanks to Paul and Pokerstars for setting this tourney up. There's two more left!!!

Shitload of poker bloggers in the top 20!

And before I forget . . . Happy Birthday to CJ and his brother Lefty! CJ did very well in the tourney and finished in 5th. Tomorrow is the WPBT shootout that Bill Rini set up. Don't miss out. Sign up now!


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