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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The New Blue Parrot

Oh boy . . . I'm gonna head down to Ferrari's tonight for some poker action. Haven't been to his new place since the old Blue Parrot closed down.

Should be fun . . . we're gonna have some Stud 8 action going on since Coach is playing in that event at the WSOP this year.

Coach better watch out because The Rooster is one cagey mofo.


* * * * *

It was The Rooster's birthday about a week and a half ago . . . went out for drinks and dinner with him and his posse. Needless to say, there was a shitload of ladies there to celebrate his birthday. Yes!


F Train and Mary partied with us too. We had way too many bottles of tequila that night. I'm still sweating it out.

Great times.

The best part of the night . . . three different people walked up to me and asked if I was The Rooster's brother.

Viva la Tequila!


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