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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Bad Beat City

July 9th - Party Poker

I've been doing real well online these days and have done a better job of letting go of the bad beats that come my way because you have to play in the moment and realize that bad beats are going to happen. Just don't let them get you on tilt. Let it go. With that said . . . . . . I have to mention these two bad beats because they were ridiculous and happened in my last two sessions online. I can't believe this asswipe called my preflop over-the-top re-raise . . . .

Multi Table NL Holdem Tournament
Seat 1 is the button Total number of players : 10
Seat 1: Billy (835)
Seat 2: Joe (1045)
Seat 3: Deeb (835)
Seat 4: Asswipe (590)
Seat 5: Pookie (835)
Seat 6: TJ (1130)
Seat 7: I like Farm Animals (2010)
Seat 8: Sammy (805)
Seat 9: Kostas (985)
Seat 10: Me (900)
Joe posts small blind (10)
Deeb posts big blind (20)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Me [ Ac, Ad ]
Asswipe calls (20)
Pookie folds.
TJ folds.
I like Farm Animals raises (100) to 100
Sammy folds.
Kostas folds.
I raise (300) to 300
Billy folds.
Joe folds.
Deeb folds.
Asswipe calls (280)
I like Farm Animals calls (200)
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 6h, 7c, Kc ]
Asswipe checks.
I like Farm Animals checks.
I bet (600) I'm all-In.
Asswipe calls (290) He's all-In too.
I like Farm Animals folds.
** Dealing Turn ** : [ Ks ]
** Dealing River ** : [ 4c ]
Main Pot has $1510 for Asswipe
Side Pot for has $310 for Me
** Summary ** Main Pot: 1510 | Side Pot 1: 310 Board: [ 6h 7c Kc Ks 4c ]
Asswipe's balance 1510, bet 590, collected 1510, net +920 [ Qc Kd ] [ three of a kind, kings --Kd,Kc,Ks,Qc,7c ]
My balance 310, bet 900, collected 310, lost -590 [ Ac Ad ] [ two pairs, aces and kings -- Ac,Ad,Kc,Ks,7c ]

This clown called my AA re-raise with KQ offsuit! The crazy thing is the original raiser (I like Farm Animals) probably had KK or AK and laid it down but Asswipe calls with KQo. Got to love that. Anyway, I was really short stacked after that hand and held on for a little bit. Unfortunately, I never recovered financially and got knocked out. Mentally, I've let it go and even though I got knocked out, I know this bad beat didn't effect the way I played any of my subsequent hands. That's the only good news. I don't think I could've played my hand any better. He only had a pair of K's on the flop so I was still ahead of him when I went all-in, that is . . . until that turn card came. Ouch.

Here's the 2nd one which actually happened first. I was playing in a $25 NL Holdem ring game and was also dealt AA. I don't like to slow play AA, AK, or KK. There are the few occasions when the time is appropriate but I'm usually aggressive when I bet with these 3 types of hands. My aggressive betting style with these hands usually takes down the pot preflop. I'd rather win small pots with these hands than get cracked and lose a big one. When I get these hands, my hope is that someone will raise it up before the option gets to me. In these 2 hands, that is exactly what happened. Normally, I'd be in heaven but unfortunately these were two instances when things went bad . . . that's poker for you.

Seat 1 is the button Total number of players : 10
Seat 1: Rocco (35.10)
Seat 2: Hank (10.45)
Seat 3: Mel (8.75)
Seat 4: Any Two Cards will do (89)
Seat 5: Large Marge (18)
Seat 6: Phil (11.30)
Seat 7: Kobe (58)
Seat 8: Chris (20.5)
Seat 9: Yogi (18.5)
Seat 10: Me (58)
Hank posts small blind (0.25)
Mel posts big blind (0.50)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Me [ As, Ad ]
Any Two Cards will do calls (0.50)
Large Marge folds.
Phil folds.
Kobe raises (5) to 5
Chris folds.
Yogi folds.
I raise (20) to 20
Rocco folds.
Hank folds.
Mel folds.
Any Two Cards will do calls (19.50) to 20
Kobe calls (15) to 20
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 7s, 2c, 4h ]
Any Two Cards will do checks.
Kobe bets (5) to 5
I raise (38) to 38. I'm all in.
Any Two Cards will do calls (38).
Kobe calls (33) to 38. Kobe is all in.
** Dealing Turn ** : [ 3s ]
** Dealing River ** : [ 3c ]
Main Pot has $174.75 for Any Two Cards will do
** Summary ** Board: [ 7s 2c 4h 3s 3c ]
Any Two Cards will do's balance 174.75, bet 58, collected 174.75, net+116.75 [ 3d 2h ] [ full house --3d,3c,3s,2c,2h ]
Kobe's balance 0.00, bet 58, lost -58 [Kc,Ks] [two pair, kings and threes --Kc,Ks,3s,3c,7s]
My balance 0.00, bet 58, lost -58 [ As Ad ] [ two pair, aces and threes -- As,Ad,3s,3c,7s ]

Unbelievable, huh. Mr. Any Two Cards will do caught a full house on the river. What was he doing in this hand? This hurt for a few moments. I know I want this guy calling me in this situation but this call was ridiculous. This was my worst money loss session in a while. It was a lot to lose but I know I played it right. I would do it again. You have to. You can't have fear or dwell on past losses/bad beats if you want to be successful and win. You must play your good hands aggressively and take down as many pots as possible. The above hand is usually the type you lose when you slow play pocket A's. Unfortunately, I fast played them and this idiot called and still caught the winning hand (runner runner nonetheless). What a bad play and a great suck out by Mr. Any Two Cards will do. These two bad beat stories are not going to happen every time you play this way (unless of course you play against Mr. Any Two Cards will do every session) so I just let it go and I know I will be better off in the long run.


At 7/21/2004 6:23 PM, Blogger Charles Star said...

It was still a stupid call (2 stupid calls, actually), but AnyTwoCards didn't get you runner-runner. He had you beat on the turn. He had two pair (2s and 3s) when you still had just AA. The river gave him a boat, but you didn't have two pair until the second three fell.

I still don't understand the preflop call, and I can only assume that he put you on two high cards to call after the flop with bottom pair.

Glad to see that you can just shake it off.


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