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Monday, July 26, 2004

Poker and TV

LIVE Final Table - Turning Point Casino

They aired a live poker tournament on Fox Sports NY the other day. Only the final table was aired. It was on a 5 minute tape delay. It was interesting to see all of these hands being played. Pros playing at a final table short-handed was a sight to see and a good learning experience especially since it was uncut and unedited. The hands being played were not just the bigs ones they usually show you on the normal TV shows. They even showed the bad and ugly ones. Phil Ivey won and beat John Dagostina. John Juanda and Paul Phillips also played. It took place at the Turning Stone Casino in upstate NY.

2004 WSoP on ESPNCorona Anyone?

I'm really glad ESPN decided to air more of the World Series events on TV this year. I enjoyed seeing 7 Card Stud and Pot limit Omaha played on TV. Nothing beat seeing Men the Master snarf his Corona on himself and the table!  Those games weren't as smooth and fluid as when you see an airing of a Texas Holdem game but it was still interesting enough to hold my interest and entertain me for an hour. I look forward to seeing more of these events played on future Tuesday nights.

ESPN's Recent Top 25 ListIntimidators or Bullshit?
ESPN did a Top 25 Intimidators and somehow Chris Moneymaker made the list and Mariano Rivera didn't make it. ESPN is all about hyping up the WSoP. How else would Monemaker make the list as #25 and nowhere to be found is Mo Rivera. That Eric Gagne guy made the top 5. What's with that? For that matter, why wasn't a bigger poker star listed? Didn't Johnny Chan or Stu Ungar come to mind when ESPN was making up this stupid list? Rivera, Ungar, and Chan are much BIGGER intimidators than Moneymaker. ESPN is selling out on this one. I don't dislike Moneymaker or even a guy like Lance Armstrong, who also made the list, but how in the hell does a short fat guy or even a skinny guy in tight spandex shorts intimidate people over Mariano Rivera or one of the other big name poker players? Maybe it's the shaved legs for Lance!! So ESPN runs that story of Stu Ungar to hype up the 2004 WSoP but they don't include him on the list. I think that's rather strange. 


At 7/30/2004 6:21 AM, Blogger Daddy said...

Rivera not making that list is a crime.

Has anyone not seen him completely shut down people in the post-season, or is that glaring image of Luis Gonzalez fisting a ball over the heads of a drawn in infield too much for people to overcome?

He's had 2 bad outings in the past week, but I'll take him over anyone to close out a game that means something. Anyone. Gagne, Smoltz, Wagner, Foulke, Percival, Nen, Fingers, Eckersly, Gossage, Lee Smith, Jeff Reardon, Bobby Thigpen, and even former Yankee John Wetteland in his PRIME !!

The thing that gets me about Mo though, is the fact that he throws the same pitch 98% of the time. The wicked cutter. Hitters know its coming. They've seen it in person, they've seen it on tape, they've read about it, they've heard about it... They know it's coming, but yet, he closes.

Truly sickening if you ask me.


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