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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Sunday morning NL tourney on Party Poker

 I played in one of those cheap NL multi-table tournaments this morning online.  I played with 4 poker bloggers today. There was 1,273 entrants. 1st place winner gets $1,273.  Playing was Al Can't Hang, my brother Paul, Maudie, and myself.  Boy Genuis and Chris Halverson have also been known to play in these NL tourneys.  They didn't make this one though. 
Al Can't Hang finished in 811th;
Paul finished in 583rd ;
I finished in 547th; and
Maudie finished in 438th.

I got knocked out with two pair. I went all in on the flop in the BB. I had 3-9 offsuit and I flopped 9's and 3's. I went all in.  I was a little less than 10 times the big blind.  The table chip leader announces that he's on a club draw. I get slightly irked because he took two big pots from me earlier. One of them was a runner runner bad beat. I knew I was in store for a roller coaster ride with two cards to go in this hand.  Of course he decides to call my T900 raise. I was hoping clubs wouldn't come out so my eyes were focused on looking for clubs.  None came out. I was pumped but why did the pot go to him? This guy caught runner runner on me again but it wasn't for the flush. He got a straight and KO'd me.  Ouch, that hurt. Oh well.  Next time. Poker's a marathon like baseball. That was the 2nd runner runner he caught on me. Damn him! Maudie outlasted us all. She flopped a straight and lost to a flush. Ouch. Paul's all in raise got cracked by pocket 9's. Al Can't Hang was short stacked and went all in preflop with pocket 9's and lost to AQ offsuit. The guy caught his higher pair and Mr. Hang lost.  We all got screwed and busted out. That's two things in common now. Poker blogs and we got smoked on bad beats in the Sunday tourney. I'm itching for the next time we can play together.


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