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Sunday, July 11, 2004

No conscience . . . Mo Rivera would be proud!

I played online late last night into the wee hours of the this morning. I was playing in a $25 NL Holdem ring game. My max buy in of $25 quickly grew to $50. I caught the infamous Hilton sisters in the BB. After one early position raise and a call, I re-raised and got two callers preflop. I flopped a set. There was an A on the flop too. First position bet out half the pot. Second guy folded. I raised it up 3 times his bet. I figured he had an ace or maybe two pair if he was lucky. I was going to make him pay for the next card. He called and a rag hit. I bet again and he called. An A hit on the river. I went all in with my Queen's full. He called and turned over AQ offsuit. He had two pair on the turn . . . Aces up vs. my set of Q's . . . until the river. I lost it all and decided to play two tables at once. No fear . . so I lost a $50 hand earlier . . . so what if my credit card wasn't happy. Well . . . it was a great idea because I stormed back at the same table and my new one and cashed out with a very large payday. It was one of my best sessions online. I was hot at both tables. It was a combo of everything. Good cards, smarts bets, some luck, some skill, great position, aggressive play, tight play, and some loose fish calling my monster preflop hands with their rags. I also did a great job of outplaying people on the flop. Outplaying people on the flop online is tougher than doing it in person at a casino but it can be done if you play it right. Maybe I'll share some of my hands in a future post. More to follow . . .


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