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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Poker Stars:
Guinness and Poker Blogger Tourney

The Poker Stars blogger tourney was great. I got KO'd way too early but I still had fun. I think I was the first blogger knocked out. Boy Genius did better than me. Thanks to Iggy for setting this up. Even Wil Wheaton played. My brother had the funniest player icon. Paul used a picture of Arnold from the Different Strokes. Even though I got KO'd early, I still won 6 hands in my short time playing. But it only took two loses to KO me. I started out a little more aggressive than I usually do in tourneys. I felt like it was the right play since everyone seemed too tight. I was selectively aggressive and did well until I got a little crazy and got beat on a big hand. With very little chips, I had to go all in 3 times in a row. I won 2 of them but lost the last one when my pocket 2's lost to Double As' pocket K's. Oh well. I blew it but that's ok. It was still fun to play in.

At one point in the night, I chopped a big pot with Otis. We had the same hand, A-3s. I think we each thought the other one was on a draw. We were both all in on the river with 2 pair. I think we both had a heart attack during the process. It was a nice hand even though we chopped it. I fell asleep while watching the final table. Congrats to everyone who made it especially Todd Commish and MtDewVirus. From what I hear, it was a great ending. After I got KO'd, I played in 2 single table NL tourneys while watching Paul and everyone else play. I finished in 2nd and 3rd and won my blogger tourney buy in back. Not too bad but I wish I lasted longer in the tourney. There's always next time!


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