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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Las Vegas

The Vegas trip is coming soon. So many people are going. The list is growing. And more are thinking about it. It's going to be great. Felicia and Glenn should be there. They're always in the area. Poker Prof will be there and so will Otis, Poker Geek, and Grubby. And even Badblood is 35% sure he's going. Come on Badblood!!! Betting on football and playing poker . . . . you can't beat that.

Party Poker: Single Table Win!

I won a $50 SNG on Party Poker. I got some big hands early but no one played against them. I had AA 3 times. KK 2 times. AK 6 times and QQ twice. I won a big hand early with Q9o in the BB and beat a guy with 4-4. He moved all in on me on the river with 4's and 2's. I took his stack with 9's and 2's. 9-2-2-5-8.

I chopped a few of my AK's when straights hit the board. One of my pocket A's got cracked by 9-To. I got out to an early chip lead with my Q9 hand but got chipped down playing too tight. I eventually came back and won a bunch of coin flip hands when I kept going all in preflop. I caught cards when I needed to late especially when it got down to 2 and 3 people. I won the tourney after beating the chip leader heads up. The prize pool was $500 and I got half of it. Not bad for an hour of playing online. I was also watching Paul and Snailtrax play at some of the other tables. They kept yelling Karate Kid lines at me when I was going heads up at the end. Paul kept telling me to "sweep his leg and put him in a body bag!" lol. It was a big win and I was glad I had a few fans watching but my opponent had absolutely no clue on how to play people heads up. Lucky for me!

Poker Stars: Iggy

Iggy has set up another Blogger tourney and it's on Poker Stars this time. PokerStars is much better than Pacific. Good move Iggy. I can't wait to play in this tourney. It's scheduled for this Thursday, October 21st. I'm already signed up and ready to go. Good luck all!


At 10/20/2004 3:21 PM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Blogger Tourneys rule! It is my first one. I hate NL. But I am still VERY excited! Hope to see you at my table before I get knocked out. lol.


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