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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Late Night Ring Games

I sat down last night to play some NL ring games while Paul was away enjoying his Foxwoods trip. I sat down kind of late for me since I had to go to work today (I'm wasting "valuable" work time to post this). I logged on around 9pm and played for awhile. Then Iggy showed up to my table. I had a blast playing with him. I don't think we ever played together online (other than tourneys). It was my 1st time. Soon enough, other bloggers sat down and joined the party. Al Can't Hang, Otis, Badblood, and a few others. I was doing well until my KK got cracked and I lost my stack. Re-Buy anyone? I bought back in and stormed back. I caught AA and KK and doubled up both times. Each time, both my opponents called my preflop raise and tried to scare me out of the pot by putting me all-in on the flop. Little did they know I had some monsters in my pocket!! Each time, both guys had top pair Q's. All this happened while Iggy was getting a refill (beer I assume). He came back and the table was in full force with several other bloggers. I was coasting along until AlCan't Hang sat down. He was "effed-up" as he put it. I love playing poker with Al when he's hammered. He was a riot (as always). He took a big hand from me which set me on tilt a little. I lost most of my profits shortly after my hand against him. I limped with A-medium and he called. The flop was A-K-Q. I bet and he went all in. I called. He mentioned something about making a donation to me. Prior to me calling, I had one of those should I or shouldn't I call a drunk Al? You never know what a drunk Al has. I thought he was bluffing. I called. What a mistake. He had two pair and beat my pair / flush draw. Ouch. I don't mind making donations to friends. It's better than losing to some clown, right? Anyway, I was in the process of telling Al to spend my money wisely and as soon as I finished typing my comments, ACH went all in on the flop. By the way, this was the very next hand after he beat me. One person called ACH. ACH had 66 vs JJ (I think) and lost his stack. Ouch my money and Al's money was gone in an instance. Ouch. Al left shortly after that. He was really hammered (so was most of us) plus it was around midnight. As soon as Al left, I kind of went on tilt. Some of my losses were bad beats but some were also sketchy calls on my part. Oh well. Live and learn.

The hammer was dropped several times by a number of bloggers including yours truly! By the way Iggy, the next time you raise $2.79, be warned . . . I will call (lol). You most likely had the "canadian" hammer in the hole! At one point in the night, Iggy caught me with my hands in the cookie jar. We both checked on the flop and I bet the pot on the turn. He re-raised me and I folded. He most likely had nothing. But since I knew I had absolutely nothing, I had to fold. Nice play Iggy.

Badblood joined after Otis and Al. BB made some funny ass comments. He sat down at the table and was real quiet for awhile. Then all of a sudden, he types in the chat . . . "I should've took a piss before I sat down!" LOL. I couldn't stop laughing because he said the same exact thing in the stretch limo in Vegas when we were heading to Sam's Town. Badblood be funny! I signed off not too much later. I played for over 3 hours and had a blast. I knew last night was not going to be a night of profits as soon as the gang showed up. I had a great time though. I haven't been able to sit down at the late night blogger tables because my brother and I can't sit down at the same ring game tables (IP address b.s.). Party Poker won't allow us. And since my brother was away last night at Foxwoods, it gave me a great opportunity to sit down and goof around with everyone for a few hours. Usually, I'm relegated to playing on other tables and being a railbird at the blogger table, so last night was fun. I look forward to the next time. By the way, I'm willing to bet money that AlCan'tHang doesn't remember last night.

On a side note, sorry to SnailTrax for bailing on him last night. I was just saying goonight to everyone when he showed up at the table. I was really tired and played longer than I wanted. Next time Daddy!!!

I need to get cracking on my trip reports.


At 12/24/2004 9:02 PM, Blogger BadBlood said...

Derek, totally LOL the other night when you called a certain someone "Stalker #2."

At 12/25/2004 3:11 AM, Blogger Derek McG said...



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