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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Boathouse Bash 2005 - Part 1

Thursday, September 22nd

I woke up late on Thursday but eventually made my way down to Penn Station to grab the next Greyhound bus to Atlantic City. I bought a one way ticket to the Taj Mahal and I was off to the 2005 Boathouse Bash via a pit stop. After screwing around at the Taj for a little while, I went over to the Borgata to meet up with Paul.

Since I don't have a cell phone, I figured I'd wait for Paul in the poker room. He was covering the WPT event upstairs in the convention hall so I decided to play $6/$12 limit holdem until the event was over. To make a long story short, I was up $150 in a short timeframe and ended up walking away down about $100. D'oh!

I decided to head upstairs and check out the WPT action and see if I could get a glimpse of Courtney Friel. I wanted to see if she was even close to being the next Shana Hiatt. I made it upstairs and saw alot of drunk WPT folks. They had just finished filming most of their final takes. Mike Sexton looked like he had half a bag on and Vince Van Patten looked like he was on skirt patrol. Guys were drooling over Courtney big time. While I thought she was very hot, she's no Shana! I also saw a few G Vegas locals in the room . . . the Mark and the River Queen.

The Mark poses with Courtney Friel

While waiting for Paul to finish up, I ran into 3 hookers in less than 30 minutes. Two of them even hit on me at the same time. I was next to the Spanish 21 tables. Hookers seem to have a radar for me. I wondered if I looked like I hadn't had sex in a while or if they could just smell that I hadn't had any sex in a while. lol. Spaceman later joked that the hookers probably just smelled the huge bankroll in my pocket!

One of the girls told me that I was being hit on by the sexy Miss Chocolate Love. Too funny! They worked me hard but got nowhere. I just bullshitted them the whole time. I told them that I was a professional gambler named Phil Hellmuth. They had no clue who Phil was. lol. Some random guy walked by as I said this and he smirked. After a few minutes of jawing with these girls, I decided to take off and look for Paul. While walking away, I kind of felt a little dirty and used. I even checked my pockets to make sure I wasn't robbed blind! lol.

I decided to wait for Paul outside the convention room. On the way, I saw VVP, Sexton and Courtney going into the bar for drink. lol. Little did I know that Paul had already left convention room and was drinking with Mr. and Mrs. Spaceman at one of the bars. Anyway, while I was waiting upstairs, I ran into these two 2 Australian chicks. They wanted to interview Phil Hellmuth! lol. I couldn't believe it. I was just lying to someone else earlier and said I was Phil. lol.

I figured out right away that I couldn't pull one over these girls. They knew who Phil was. They asked me where I could find him. Later on, Mrs. Spaceman would suggest that I blew it and should've just told them he was upstairs in my room! lol. I missed the boat on that one. Instead, I just picked these girls up and foolishly walked them over to my brother who proceeded to get their phone numbers. I blew it again! How stupid am I! Dr. Pauly strikes again!

I got a chance to chat with Spaceman and his wife for awhile. While talking to them, we ran into Andy Bloch. He remembered sweating Spaceman in an online SNG during the WSOP. He watched it on Paul's computer. lol. Later on, we saw Kathy Liebert walking out of the casino and all I could think of was Daddy! I told Paul that we should convince her to give the big man a call. Unfortunately, she was with her mom. You don't want your mother around when your talking to Daddy about your hairy chest.

We soon left to grab something to eat at Denny's before heading off to bed. Friday was a big day for us. We had to sweat Spaceman in the US Poker Championships and then drive down to Philly for the pre-Boathouse Bash drunk fest.


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