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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

WPBT - Titan Poker

Thanks to everyone who played last night in the WPBT tournament. I had a good time even though that damn chat feature on Titan Poker stinks. I had major problems typing in it. Oh well, maybe I'm just retarded. Anyway, Maudie played great and represented well but it was a reader who won. Congrats to PI45 for taking the event down. I believe this is the first time a reader won, eh?

66 people played and the top five made the money. Joanne has a list of the final table on Card Squad. Check it out. PI45 beat out Sixtos. I saw PI45 drop the hammer in heads up action. Nice job! Congrats to them both for playing well. A job well done.

Otis had the chip for awhile and I was rooting for him to win once Paul got KO'd. Unfortunately, it did not happen. I got KO'd half way through the tourney when my AA got cracked by runner runner straight. Ouch! I flopped a set too. Double ouch!! Anyway, I had a blast and can't wait for the next one. And please fix that damn chat feature Titan!!!

Tomorrow . . . I'm off to Atlantic City for a day or two and then I'm heading to Philadelphia for some madness known as the BOATHOUSE BASH! Be back soon.


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