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Sunday, April 24, 2005

BOB . . . itsone2many!!!!

Sunday, April 24th

Congrats Bob!! Bob pulled off a great win tonight and won the $1500 NL seat in June. 78 bloggers played tonight and he outlasted them all. Job well done! We'll be cheering you on Bob. Good luck!

I signed up for the WPBT event late today. I'm glad I made it but I played like shit. I won a few hands but pissed away my stack with marginal hands. The weird thing was that I got seated at the same table as Paul. Paul got KO'd when his AK lost to JJ. He flopped an A but the other guy turned a J. Ouch.

Nothing exciting happened to me. I lost a decent sized pot to Helixx (my AT to his AK). I doubled him up. I eventually got KO'd in 46th place. My all in push with 44 right before the break lost to QQ. Bob winning the seat made this thing a blast. I can't wait for the WSoP event. It should be fun.

Thanks to Iggy and Otis for setting this up. See you guys soon!!


At 4/25/2005 7:11 AM, Blogger Huge Junk said...

Thanks Derek!

My arms were shaking for a good half hour after I won. I can't wait for June, and I'm certainly pumped to know you, Pauly, BG, and countless others will be railbirding (if not in from another satellite)

Thanks again.


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