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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

WPBT: Poker Stars Event

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It was back to Holdem. 109 people played in this one. I got lucky again and finished in the money. I took 16th place. I played at the same tables as Iggy all night. He was kicking butt. We didn't get into too many pots together. He raised my blinds a few times and I folded to the button bully.

Mean Gene
hit our table and I flopped a set of 5's against him heads up. He folded and I won a decent sized pot. It was one of my first take downs of the night. A little later, I got KK when the blinds were 25/50. I raised preflop. Someone reraised and Rod reraised after that. For some reason, I just called. I should've moved all in right there. Instead I called and the flop hit all flush cards. The pot was huge. Rod moved all in on the flop. I figured he didn't have a flush. He would've checked. One of my K's was the same suit as the board. My only worry here was that Rod had AA. Rod had a big stack. He took down a bunch of hands early in the tourney. I was hoping at worst, he had an A of spades with a chance to suck out. I put him on a high pocket pair or AK. I called and he flipped over QQ. I won the pot and became the chip leader. It was early and I jumped out to a big lead. This was the first blogger tourney that I started out fast. I usually grind it out early on and make a move later on. I just couldn't lay down KK in that situation.

I won another big hand with QQ vs Lumberking's QJ. I raised preflop and he reraised me. I raised again and he called. A J hit the flop and he moved all in. I called and won over T6000 in the hand and KO'd Lumberking. He was in the top 20 in chips when that hand started.

I got pocket J's. I hate that hand. I flopped a set and finally won with that damn hand. I took down a three way action pot too. Paul got KO'd around now and finished in 65th place. I got AA twice in 4 hands and there were no callers.

My QQ lost to 77 when the guy flopped a set. I was knocked down to 2nd place after this hand. I sucked out Drizz when my AT rivered his AK.

Level 7
started and so did the antes. I foolishly doubled up Ugarte and got kicked down to 15th place. This is the level when I got QQ and moved all in to an all in bet by a guy named Soxlover. I KO'd his ATo and made a snotty comment about hating the Red Sox. lol. I moved into 3rd place with this win.

There was 23 people left when Level 9 started. I finally moved all in with KJs and lost to A6s. I got KO'd by the eventual winner. I took 16th place and did well again. Iggy kicked ass in the tourney and finished in 4th place. I got to see his run up close because I sat at every table with him. Congrats to Pathetic Poker for winning the tourney and for KO'ing me. Job well done. Check out the WPBT leaderboard. Royal is in 1st and On_thg is pretty close with 2nd place. My lucky ass is in 13th place.


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