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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Full Tilt Freeroll

Since Paul's in Vegas right now hanging out with Grubby and Senor, I had to sub for him today in the WSoP freeroll on Full Tilt. There were 1,427 people in it and only one seat to the Main Event. Not the best odds plus I was a little nervous playing under Paul's Full Tilt account (lol). I played tight early but got aggressive when I needed to. I won alot of races and coin flips. I played for 3 hours or so and finished in 53rd place.

I won a big hand with KQ vs KJ. JJ killed me again. I lost a decent sized pot with it to AK. I'm going to stop playing that damn hand. A little later, I got raised out of a pot preflop with QJo and would've flopped the broadway straight. The pot was huge too. Damn. My KJ took a big pot from AJ. I moved all in preflop. I was on the button and the other shortstack called. I had T9,150 by then. AK won a big hand for me and soon I had T16,145 at the break.

I looked at the tourney stats and noticed that the average stack was over T40,000. There was less than 60 people left. I was one of the shortest stacks but I still had over 10 times the BB. The chip leader had over T110,000 and there was a big pack of vultures behind him. Since there was only one seat and no cash prizes, I decided to just move all in preflop whenever I got a pocket pair or Ax. Maybe even Kx in late position. I knew I still had some time or a few more levels before I started to get chipped down but I figured I might as well go for it right now since most people had 4 times as many chips as me. It was pointless to wait any longer. T110,000 chips was a lot to chase down.

I was successful a few times with this strategy but it eventually got me. My last hand was A3s. I was in EP. I pushed and got 2 callers. The button and BB called. They turned over QQ and TT. Ouch. T-8-9 flopped. The turn was a 3. The River was a J. The button won with a straight and KO'd the two of us. 53rd place was mine (or Paul's actually). Oh well. I needed to make a move. I should've been more aggressive early. I had a good time though and gained more experience which is the most important thing sometimes. Paul called a little later while leaving the sports book. Paul and Senor won all their NCAA and NBA bets for the day. They used the Costanza method and it worked!!! I'm sure he'll post about it soon.


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