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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Computer Meltdown . . . . a good thing?

Unfortunately, my computer was acting up all month long. As I said earlier, I had to take my computer in to get fixed. After weeks of dealing with my computer shutting down after 20 or 30 minutes of use, I finally decided to get it looked at. I was sick of getting kicked off tables. The only good thing about the computer problem was that I was able to get out of a bad poker funk. My PartyPoker bankroll was taking a severe beating lately and who knew that having my computer break down would become a blessing in disguise. My bankroll was hurting for a few reasons. Too many SnG's and playing for too long at one table. With my computer problems, cutting down on my playing time was easy. I only had a half hour at best to play. The hit and run method worked and I tripled my bankroll. I realized that I needed to attack the action junkies on the NL 6 max tables if I wanted to make some money. I figured it was the best way to maximize the short amount of time I had. I played for very short stints at each table and found a way to take advantage of the loose play without taking any hits to my stack. I would double up, leave, and move on to another table until my 30 minutes were up. Now I get my computer back and I see PP changed their betting structures and added some more games. Boy did I miss alot.


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