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Thursday, February 03, 2005


February 2, 2005 - PokerStars

First off . . . thanks to Iggy for setting this tourney up. 151 people played. Pretty nice turnout. I had a blast even though I got KO'd. As everyone knows, Paul won with the hammer and took down KK and AA. News spread fast and I was bummed that I missed it. I was in the middle of a hand but how crazy is that Paul beat both AA and KK at the same time! Everyone was dropping like flies pretty fast. On_thg won the whole damn tourney. Congrats to him! He caught a good rush of cards at the end when it was down to 3 players. He took down the chip leader in 2 hands. It happened so fast too. Nice job!!

I won two hands early but got beat by Drizz on a decent sized pot. I had 88 and he had 66. He caught a straight on the river and sucked out a win. A-4-5-7-3 was the board. Sir F KO'd me after I folded what would've been the winner in the previous hand. I had 66 in the BB. I think J-4-7-6-Q was the board. Sir F raised preflop with AKo. Toby re-raised with KQo and I folded. I missed out on a chance to triple up. When I first saw my cards, my initial thought was to push because I was shortstacked but the raise and re-raise scared me off because both players were playing pretty tight all night. Toby won the hand when the Q hit but unfortunately I wussed out and folded my set. In the next hand, I had Q2o in the SB and went all-in preflop when everyone folded to me. Sir F called with 66. Damn 66. The flop was 2-A-x. The turn was a Q. I thought I lucked out and then that dreaded 6 hit and I lost. I was KO'd in 104th place. Sir F made the call I didn't make a hand earlier. Later I got on his case for getting KO'd and losing my money. lol.

Anyway, the chat room on YIM was funny as shit. I had a great time. Saturday is coming soon and I'm playing in the Blue Parrot Invitational. Ferrari is kind enough to host the NYC WPBT event. Paul, Signor Ferrari, Coach, Ugarte, Mas, Toby, Monte Christo, and Joaquin will be in attendance. I can't wait for this one. Live and in person will be fun. Once again . . . thanks for setting this up Iggy! See you guys at the next event.


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